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2024 Republican Iowa Caucus Polls

Iowa Caucus Polls

Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 03:58 am

In early 2024, the 2024 Iowa Republican presidential caucuses will mark the beginning of the Republican Party primaries for the 2024 presidential election. A total of 40 delegates will be allocated to the 2024 Republican National Convention through a proportional system. As has been the case in previous primary cycles, the Iowa caucus will retain its prestigious position as the first-in-the-nation Republican presidential primary caucus.

The Iowa Caucus holds significant importance in the 2024 GOP Primary, playing a critical role in consolidating the field of candidates. Historically, the winner of the Iowa Caucus has emerged as a top contender for the party’s nomination, often surpassing initial expectations even when polling in the single digits just weeks prior.

Despite recent changes by the Democratic National Committee that may affect the Iowa Democrats’ role in the nominating calendar, Iowa Republicans have affirmed their commitment to hosting the first-in-the-nation caucuses in 2024. Republican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann confirmed that the Republican National Committee unanimously decided to maintain the existing process, solidifying Iowa’s position at the forefront of the primary season.

It’s important to note that the Iowa Caucus results can have a transformative effect on the trajectory of the Republican primary race. The outcomes of the Iowa Caucus will set the tone for the rest of the primary season, influencing the strategies and narratives of the candidates as they vie for support and work to secure their path to the nomination.

As the 2024 Iowa Republican Caucus approaches, the latest poll numbers are eagerly awaited. These numbers will be continuously updated as new Iowa caucus polls become available, reflecting the preferences of Iowa residents who are eligible or likely to participate in the caucus.

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Average Data of Recent Iowa Caucus Polls:

CandidatesPoll Average
trump Donald Trump52.7%
Nikki Haley Nikki Haley18.7%
Ron DeSantis Ron DeSantisDropout
Asa Hutchinson Asa HutchinsonDropout
Vivek Ramaswamy Vivek RamaswamyDropout
Chris Christie Chris ChristieDropout
Doug Burgum Doug BurgumDropout
will hurd Will HurdDropout
tim scott Tim ScottDropout
Mike Pence Mike PenceDropout
Source– Racetothewh & Fivethirtyeight

republican logo 2024 Republican Iowa Caucus Polls:

List of the most recent 2024 Iowa Republican primary polls:

P- March 5
C- Feb 16-28
Selzer & Co.Trump +15The Des Moines Register, Mediacom
P- Feb 16
C- Feb 12-13
CygnalTrump +9Iowans for Tax Relief Foundation
C- Jan 12-14Trafalgar Group/InsiderAdvantageTrump +33IA GOP Caucus Survey
P- Jan 14
C- Jan 11-13
Emerson CollegeTrump +35Emerson College Poll
P- Jan 13
C- Jan 7-12
Selzer & Co.Trump +28Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll
P- Jan 12
C- Jan 11
InsiderAdvantageTrump +34InsiderAdvantage survey
P- Jan 11
C- Jan 6-10
Suffolk UniversityTrump +34Iowa Republican Caucus Poll
P- Jan 11
C- Jan 5-10
CiviqsTrump +41Iowa State University/Civiqs Poll
P- Jan 9
C- Jan 6-8
Trafalgar GroupTrump +34Polling Plus
P- Jan 5
C- Jan 2-3
Emerson CollegeTrump +29Emerson College Polling survey
P- Jan 8
C- Dec1-Jan7
Morning ConsultTrump +43Morning Consult Poll
C- Dec 18-19InsiderAdvantageTrump +32InsiderAdvantage Iowa GOP Caucus Survey
P- Dec 20
C- Dec 14-18
Beacon Research/Shaw & Company ResearchTrump +34Fox Business Poll
P- Dec 20
C- Dec 15-17
Emerson CollegeTrump +33Emerson College Polling Iowa survey
P- Dec 17
C- Dec 8-15
YouGovTrump +36CBS News poll
P- Dec 14
C- Dec 8-13
CiviqsTrump +37ISU/Civiqs poll
P- Dec 11
C- Dec 2-7
Selzer & Co.Trump +32Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll
C- Dec 1-4Trafalgar GroupTrump +24IA GOP Caucus survey
P- Dec 11
C- Nov 1-30
Morning ConsultTrump +32Morning Consult Pro poll
P- Nov 28
C- Nov 19-21
Americans for ProsperityTrump +27AFP Action
P- Nov 15Winthrop UniversityTrump +29Winthrop Poll
P- Nov 16
C- Nov 10-15
CiviqsTrump +36ISU/Civiqs poll
P- Nov 13
C- Nov. 9-12
Fabrizio, Lee & AssociatesTrump +24Make America Great Again Inc. (super PAC)
C- Nov 3-5Trafalgar GroupTrump +26IA GOP Caucus Survey
P- Nov 1
C- Oct. 24-26
Public Opinion StrategiesTrump +26Public Opinion Strategies
P- Oct 31
C- Oct 18-25
SSRSTrump +31CNN Poll
P- Oct 6
C- Sep 28-30
WPAiTrump +15WPA Intelligence and FairVote fielded a national poll
P- Oct- 4Winthrop UniversityTrump +29Winthrop Poll
P- Oct 30
C- Oct 22-26
Selzer & Co.Trump +27A Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom Iowa Poll
P- Oct 12
C- Oct 6-10
CiviqsTrump +38Iowa State University
P- Oct 4Winthrop UniversityTrump +29Winthrop Poll
P- Oct 6
C-Sep 28-30
WPA IntelligenceTrump +38New Ranked Choice poll
P- Oct 2
C-Sep 28-29
Public Opinion StrategiesTrump +23Citizen Awareness Project
P- Oct 2
C-Sep 28-29
Public Opinion StrategiesTrump +31Citizen Awareness Project
Data Source– Racetothewh & Fivethirtyeight

*Where (P) Denotes Publish Date & (C) Denotes Conduct Date in the Date Section

Some of these data are subject to change, We continuously update when new polls arrive.

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