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Donald Trump Jr. Joins Rally and Concert for Jeff Landry’s Gubernatorial Campaign (Sep. 13)

Donald Trump Jr. Joins Jeff Landry's campaign

Last updated on September 12th, 2023 at 05:31 am

Donald Trump Jr. is set to make a prominent appearance at a rally and concert in support of Attorney General Jeff Landry’s gubernatorial campaign

This event is scheduled for the evening of September 13, with country music stars Gary Levox and Tracy Lawrence headlining the entertainment. The Stage at Silver Star concert venue in Bossier City will host this political gathering.

This isn’t the first time Landry has combined the power of country music with his campaign. Last month, a country music concert and campaign rally at the Texas Club in Baton Rouge garnered considerable attention and support.

Landry’s campaign has also received significant backing from former President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., who have both endorsed him in the governor’s race. However, Landry faces stiff competition, with four other major GOP candidates vying for the same position.

Notably, Raheem Kassam, Editor of the National Pulse, recently commented on the 2024 presidential nominee campaign of Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor. Kassam’s assessment was far from flattering, as he predicted that history might remember DeSantis’s campaign as a “historic failure.” He elaborated further on his “Triggered” podcast during a conversation with Donald Trump Jr., suggesting that DeSantis’s campaign had failed to gain momentum and had alienated significant sections of the electorate.

Donald Trump Jr. interview with Raheem Kassam full video:

Kassam, known for his sharp political insights, remarked, “I think probably the best way to describe it is a significant failure, I think that’s probably as accurate as you can be with it.” These comments came in September 2023, as DeSantis’s campaign faced challenges.

In the realm of polling, recent data indicates that DeSantis trails significantly behind Donald Trump in the state of Iowa. 

A poll conducted by the Public Opinion Strategies (POS) firm, linked to George Soros and DeSantis, places Trump 23 points ahead of the Florida Governor. Trump stands at 45 percent, while DeSantis lags at 22 percent. Notably, Trump has seen a four-point increase, whereas DeSantis has only gained one point in this poll. Additionally, Nikki Haley experienced a notable drop of five points.

Another poll from Iowa State University/Civiqs echoes these sentiments, with 51 percent of the 434 respondents favoring former President Trump as their “first choice.” Ron DeSantis comes in second with 14 percent support.

Interestingly, the poll also inquired about candidates respondents did not support, with former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie facing significant opposition, as almost a third of respondents indicated that they did not want him as the nominee.

The 2024 GOP presidential race, with Iowa’s preferences becoming increasingly clear. Donald Trump Jr.’s active involvement in Jeff Landry’s campaign underscores the significance of key endorsements and rallies in shaping the narrative of this high-stakes political contest.

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