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Donald Trump news today, Thursday, September 14

trump news today

Stay updated on the latest Donald Trump news political with a range of news articles. From his critiques of the Biden administration and his views on George Soros to his take on Mitt Romney’s retirement and his significant lead over Ron DeSantis in polls, we’ve got you covered. Explore Trump’s campaign strategies, key appointments, and his vision for transforming the American education system. Get the most relevant and up-to-date information on Trump’s political activities and plans for the future.

1- 45 Slams Biden as ‘incompetent,’ Calls on Republicans to Use 25th Amendment

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Biden’s recent hostage trade with Iran, calling it a “TERRIBLE precedent” and Biden “INCOMPETENT.” The trade involved five U.S. citizens released from Iran in exchange for unfreezing $6 billion in Iranian funds and releasing five detained Iranians.

Trump pointed out that his administration secured the release of 58 hostages without giving any money and called on Republicans to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office, citing his alleged incompetence. Trump also expressed concerns that the $6 billion would be used for terrorism. The tone of the news report is critical of Biden’s actions and highlights Trump’s strong opposition. (Source)

2- Trump News: Soros ‘Desperate’ to Stop Me in 2024

Donald Trump claims that George Soros and his family are “desperate” to prevent his potential return to the White House in 2024. According to Trump, Soros is reallocating resources to thwart the “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) movement. Trump cited an article stating that Soros’ son is shifting priorities to focus on defeating MAGA in the next presidential election.

Trump believes that Soros has already spent substantial amounts on this effort and warned that his family’s involvement in American politics poses a significant challenge. He called on his supporters to rally together to out-raise Soros and prevent his “dynasty” from influencing the 2024 election. The tone of the news report is confrontational, with Trump framing Soros as a powerful adversary seeking to undermine his political movement. (Source)

3- Trump celebrates Romney retirement: ‘He did not serve with distinction

Donald Trump celebrated Senator Mitt Romney’s decision not to seek a second term in the U.S. Senate. Trump expressed satisfaction with Romney’s retirement, suggesting it was prompted by the prospect of a challenging primary race.

He also criticized Romney’s Senate service, asserting that he “did not serve with distinction.” Trump referred to Romney’s online pseudonym, “Pierre Delecto,” and mentioned the avoidance of a potentially tough primary fight. The news report’s tone is triumphal, with Trump portraying Romney’s retirement as a victory for the Republican Party. (Source)

4- Trump lead reaches 50 points over DeSantis: poll

According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, former President Donald Trump has surged ahead with a substantial 50-point lead in the Republican primary, garnering support from nearly two-thirds of Republican and Republican-leaning voters. Trump secured 62% of the support, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailed far behind with only 12%. No other candidate reached double digits in this poll.

This marks an 11-point increase in Trump’s support compared to the August survey, where he had 57% support. On average, Trump’s lead in polling has risen to 41.9%, with a 55.0% support rate. In a hypothetical general election match-up, Trump narrowly trails President Biden by 1%, with 47% to Biden’s 46%. The survey was conducted from September 7th to 11th. The tone of the news report is factual, presenting poll results and statistics without expressing a particular bias. (Source)

5- New DeSantis Campaign Manager is an Anti-Trump Globalist

The news report highlights concerns raised by Laura Loomer regarding Ron DeSantis’ new campaign manager, James Uthmeier. Loomer alleges that Uthmeier is an anti-Trump globalist with connections to questionable public-private business dealings.

She suggests that Uthmeier played a significant role in appointing Senator Ben Sasse as the University of Florida’s president, despite Sasse’s history of criticizing Donald Trump and voting for his impeachment. Loomer asserts that these actions indicate a strategy by Team DeSantis to use the events of January 6th against Trump. Additionally, she accuses Uthmeier of being involved in questionable public-private partnership deals. The tone of the news report is critical of Uthmeier and suggests that his hiring aligns with a pattern of DeSantis’ campaign bringing in individuals with globalist ties. (Source)

6- DeSantis Spox Admits Trump’s Nomination ‘Seems Inevitable

Steve Cortes, the national spokesman for the pro-DeSantis SuperPAC Never Back Down, has acknowledged on Chicago’s Morning Answer that a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the presidential election “seems inevitable.” Cortes pointed out that most polls indicate dissatisfaction with a Trump-Biden rematch, with roughly two-thirds of Americans not wanting such a scenario. However, he implied that Trump’s victory in the Republican primary appears highly likely. The news report’s tone is matter-of-fact, reporting Cortes’ admission about the potential rematch while also mentioning the Republican establishment’s shift in focus away from DeSantis in favor of other candidates like Nikki Haley. (Source)

7- Trump’s Innovative Plan to Restore the American Education System to Greatness

Trump has introduced “Agenda 47,” a policy platform focused on overhauling the American education system and its ties to employment. Trump cited concerns about the current state of education, emphasizing the need to shift away from practices involving inappropriate content and political indoctrination. Instead, he stressed preparing the younger generation for successful careers and productive citizenship.

Agenda 47 outlines ten key policy priorities: respecting parents’ right to control their children’s education, empowering parents and local school boards in educator hiring, redirecting classroom instruction toward core subjects, fostering patriotism, reintroducing prayer in schools, ensuring safe learning environments, promoting school choice, offering project-based learning, providing internships and work experiences, and enhancing guidance and counseling services.

To implement these priorities, Trump plans to decentralize education by transferring responsibilities from the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. to individual states. This shift aims to grant states more control over education policy, addressing concerns about poor outcomes despite substantial financial investments in education. (Source)

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