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Governor Doug Burgum’s Campaign Moves in Iowa and New Hampshire on July 2-3, 2023

Doug Burgum campaign in iowa and new hampshire

Fargo – North Dakota Governor and presidential candidate Doug Burgum is set to embark on his second trip to Iowa and New Hampshire, strategically chosen battleground states in the GOP presidential primary. As the governor continues to invest significant resources in advertising within these key states, he also plans to engage directly with voters, sharing his vision for America’s future.

Governor Burgum’s visit to Iowa marks a crucial opportunity to connect with constituents across the Hawkeye state, building on the momentum generated since the announcement of his presidential campaign earlier this month. Notably, his trip follows the release of a compelling new advertisement that highlights the importance of selling energy from allies rather than purchasing it from adversaries.

The schedule of events for Governor Doug Burgum’s visit to Iowa is as follows:

  • 2:30 PM CT: John Wayne Birthplace and Museum
  • Location: 205 S. John Wayne Dr., Winterset, IA 50273
  • 11:00 AM CT: Coffee with the Candidate – at Copper Space
  • Location: 1024 6th St Suite 201, Nevada, IA 50201
  • 2:30 PM CT: SILT (Sustainable Iowa Land Trust) Farm Tour
  • Location: Grade A Gardens – 34802 I Ave, Earlham, IA 50072
  • 6:30 PM CT: City of West Des Moines 3rd of July Parade – Parade Step Off
  • Location: Corner of Valley West Dr. & Ashworth Rd.

Governor Burgum’s commitment to engaging with voters extends beyond Iowa, as he is also scheduled to visit New Hampshire. This trip to key early contests in the presidential nomination process reflects Burgum’s emphasis on “small-town” values, a fundamental pillar of his campaign. During his initial visits to these states, he dedicated substantial time to smaller towns and agriculture-focused settings, fostering meaningful connections with the electorate.

Notably, Governor Burgum’s first campaign stops after announcing his bid for the presidency on June 7 were in Iowa and New Hampshire. Over the course of two days in each state, he passionately conveyed his pro-business, pro-energy, and national security-focused message, engaging directly with potential voters.

While he has not made any publicly announced campaign stops in these states since his initial visits, Governor Burgum’s impact remains significant. Millions of dollars have been invested in advertising, permeating the airwaves and cable channels, ensuring his presence is felt even in his physical absence.

Governor Burgum’s new television advertisement, part of a substantial $1.2 million campaign, focuses on energy and criticizes President Biden’s energy policies. Burgum believes these policies have empowered adversaries like Putin and China while harming the American economy. Despite his advertising efforts having a limited impact on national polls, where he trails with less than 1% support, Burgum remains dedicated to his campaign. 

His upcoming visit to Iowa will include stops in the Des Moines area, including a tribute to John Wayne, a meet-and-greet at a coffee shop, and a farm tour promoting sustainable practices. Additionally, Burgum will participate in Fourth of July celebrations in small-town communities in New Hampshire, further strengthening his connection with voters. Get involved in the conversation surrounding Burgum’s campaign, as he competes with other GOP candidates in the race against President Biden.

Stay informed about his strategies, messages, and engagements as he competes with other GOP candidates seeking to challenge President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

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