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An exclusive Screening of “Sound of Freedom” Hosted by Former President Donald Trump

Sound of Freedom

Last updated on July 20th, 2023 at 05:36 am

Bedminster, NJ – On July 19, 2023, President Donald J. Trump hosted an exclusive screening of the critically acclaimed film Sound of Freedom” at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

This special event brings together club members, supporters, and distinguished guests to experience the gripping true story of federal agent Tim Ballard’s mission to save children from child sex traffickers.

The screening was graced by the presence of notable figures, including the film’s producer, Eduardo Verástegui, renowned actor Jim Caviezel, and Tim Ballard himself, the former Department of Homeland Security agent whose relentless pursuit of child traffickers inspired the film. Their participation added depth and authenticity to the screening, shedding light on the urgency and importance of addressing the harrowing issue of child trafficking.

Sound of freedom

The announcement of this exclusive event was made by Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller on Steve Bannon’s show “War Room,” highlighting the support of evangelical allies, Bedminster members, and individuals from across the country who joined the former president to watch the film.

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It is evident that former President Trump takes the matters raised in the film incredibly seriously. His administration demonstrated a commitment to combating human trafficking, signing an executive order directing federal law enforcement to prioritize dismantling the criminal organizations involved in forced labor, sex trafficking, and child exploitation.

The film “Sound of Freedom” has captivated audiences nationwide, grossing a remarkable $41.7 million in its first week and claiming the top spot in Texas, Florida, and Arizona theaters, surpassing even Disney’s blockbuster “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” in July 4th movie ticket sales. The film’s success speaks to the power of independent, values-based filmmaking and its ability to engage viewers on important social issues.

Produced by Mexican filmmaker Eduardo Verástegui and starring Jim Caviezel, known for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” “Sound of Freedom” tells the gripping story of Tim Ballard’s heroic efforts to rescue children from child sex traffickers in Colombia. 

However, the film has not been without controversy. It has been criticized for its alleged association with QAnon-related rhetoric and its perceived support from right-wing conservatives. Publications like Rolling Stone, Washington Post, CNN, and The Guardian have been critical of the film, while some liberal media outlets, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and The Hollywood Reporter, have refused to review it.

During the screening, Eduardo Verástegui, who was previously appointed a member of President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity, emphasized the importance of unity in addressing the grave issue of child trafficking. The film serves as a catalyst for raising awareness and mobilizing action against this pernicious evil.

Former President Trump’s dedication to combating human trafficking is well-documented. Throughout his presidency, he took historic steps to end human trafficking and protect the innocent. His leadership resulted in a 14% increase in human trafficking convictions in 2017, and he made human trafficking a top priority for America’s intelligence agencies. 

President Trump signed numerous pieces of bipartisan legislation, approved record-breaking DOJ grant packages, and doubled funding to combat human trafficking. His commitment to this cause is further exemplified by his invitation to Tim Ballard to the White House to share his experiences and discuss anti-trafficking strategies.

The exclusive screening of “Sound of Freedom” provided an opportunity for attendees to stand against human trafficking and participate in a meaningful event. The controversies surrounding the film spark important conversations about the ethical implications of using sensitive subjects like child trafficking for narrative purposes and the potential impact on the faith-based filmmaking industry.

This event was a testament to the collective effort needed to address child trafficking, with former President Donald J. Trump and influential personalities like Eduardo Verástegui, Jim Caviezel, and Tim Ballard standing at the forefront. By shining a light on this issue through the medium of film, they hope to inspire action, raise awareness, and ultimately bring an end to the abhorrent crime of child trafficking.

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