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New Poll: Florida Republicans Prefer Trump Over DeSantis for GOP Nominee

Florida Republicans Prefer Trump Over DeSantis

A recent Victory Insights poll has unveiled a significant shift in Florida Republicans sentiment.

The survey indicates a clear preference for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, sidelining Ron DeSantis for the position of Vice President. Interestingly, the poll also raises the prospect of an unexpected contender entering the vice-presidential race.

According to the polling memo, Trump’s lead over DeSantis in Florida has grown by 27 points since the last poll in May, now standing at a substantial 36 points among the entire Republican field. This suggests a notable surge in support for Trump in recent months.

The poll positions Trump firmly ahead with nearly 59% support among GOP voters, while DeSantis trails behind in second place with under 23%.

It’s worth highlighting that DeSantis is the only candidate, apart from Trump, to garner double-digit support, given the survey’s 4.3 percentage point margin of error.

As the political landscape in Florida evolves, the spotlight remains on the dynamics between Trump, DeSantis, and the potential emergence of a new candidate.

Victory Insights poll of likely Florida Republicans voters, August 21-23:

  • Trump 59 percent
  • DeSantis 23 percent
  • Christie 4 percent
  • Ramaswamy 3 percent
  • Haley 2 percent
  • Pence 1 percent
  • Scott 1 percent

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