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Iowa RNC Stages Snarky Hit on President Trump at Lincoln Day Dinner

trump at lincoln day dinner

DES MOINES, Iowa — The recent RNC Lincoln Day Dinner in Des Moines took an unexpected turn when the Iowa affiliate of the Republican National Committee (RNC) decided to play a snarky song as the entrance music for former President Donald Trump. 

The move aimed to add a touch of humor to the event, but it has sparked mixed reactions among attendees and observers.

While some found the choice of music amusing, others viewed it as disrespectful to the former president. The RNC’s attempt at humor seemed to backfire, with many base voters expressing their disapproval. Critics argue that such tactics diminish the seriousness of political events and undermine the dignity of the presidential office.

Donald Trump takes shots at Biden, DeSantis during Lincoln Day Dinner in Iowa:

President Trump, however, seemed unfazed by the music choice as he addressed the influential gathering of Iowa Republicans. He focused on his vision for the future, calling for action and emphasizing that excuses are no longer acceptable. The former president highlighted the need to “get the job done” and pledged to continue working tirelessly to achieve his goals.

Notably, Trump’s top rivals for the GOP presidential nomination refrained from mentioning the recent federal charges filed against him. Instead, they directed their criticism towards President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, accusing them of being disconnected from mainstream America. This strategic move allowed Trump’s competitors to avoid commenting directly on the legal issues surrounding the former president.

Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor and one of Trump’s competitors, vowed to stop the “weaponization” of the Justice Department, making a veiled reference to Trump’s legal troubles. However, he did not delve into the specifics of the cases against the former president.

Trump’s participation in the Lincoln Day Dinner was significant, considering his usual avoidance of multicandidate events. Despite leading in the polls, he joined a dozen other GOP hopefuls in speaking to about 1,200 GOP members and activists. Trump expressed confidence in his position, stating that he would have no one coming after him if he were not running for office.

During the event, Trump refrained from mentioning his rivals by name, but he did brand Ron DeSantis as “DeSanctus” in a somewhat playful manner. This playful banter added a lighthearted touch to the otherwise serious political gathering.

Outside the event, Trump opened a campaign office in Urbandale, where he expressed his belief that other candidates were not performing well. The enthusiasm among his supporters was evident as more than 100 people gathered, wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and shirts. However, the office’s small size and poor ventilation led to discomfort among attendees, highlighting the fervent dedication of Trump’s base.

Amidst the Lincoln Day Dinner, Vice President Kamala Harris also made a stop in Iowa, seeking to contrast the Republican perspective with that of the Democratic Party. She engaged with activists and addressed issues such as abortion rights, pointing to a national agenda that she believes threatens hard-won freedoms and rights.

Interestingly, the choice of walk-on music during Trump’s appearance at the event had an intriguing coincidence. Brooks & Dunn’s “Only in America” played as Trump approached the stage, and the lyrics “One could end up going to prison. One just might be president” added an unintended element of irony to the evening.

Overall, the RNC’s attempt at humor through the entrance music and the candidates’ strategies during the event have stirred both praise and criticism. As the race for the GOP nomination unfolds, the impact of these moments remains to be seen.

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