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Is Trump Disqualified for the N.H. Primary? The GOP Secretary of State is Seeking Legal Advice To Keep Trump Off Ballot

Is Trump Disqualified for the N.H. Primary?

A vigorous discussion among constitutional scholars has brought the issue of former President Donald Trump’s eligibility for the 2024 presidential race to the forefront of public discourse. Now the big question has arisen, Is Trump disqualified for the N.H. primary?

This debate has captured the attention of New Hampshire’s top election official, David Scanlan, who is actively exploring the potential use of the 14th Amendment to exclude Trump from the ballot.

Scanlan disclosed, "I will be asking the attorney general’s office for their input...whatever is decided is probably going to require some judicial input." 

This revelation follows the emergence of a proposal endorsed by several leftist legal scholars, including Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Laurence Tribe and retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig. Their arguments, outlined in an article for The Atlantic, revolve around the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment, which they assert can be applied to individuals who undermine the Constitution, even without criminal or impeachment proceedings.

Amidst this discussion, New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan is contemplating a strategy to prevent Trump from appearing on the 2024 ballot under the purview of the 14th Amendment. Breitbart reported

However, this move has not gone unnoticed, prompting allegations of potential election manipulation. The effort to disqualify Trump under the 14th Amendment was initiated by left-leaning organizations, potentially raising concerns among Republican voters, particularly in light of Trump’s commanding lead in various polls.

Notably, Trump maintains a substantial lead over his rivals in polls, which has only grown following his indictments. For instance, in New Hampshire, he boasts a significant 20-point advantage over his closest competitor, according to the latest Echelon Insights survey.

Scanlan’s recent meeting with Messner to discuss the viability of the disqualification plan underscores the significance of this endeavor. Although further steps remain uncertain, Scanlan’s intention to consult with legal experts demonstrates a commitment to a measured approach. 

Anna Sventek, Scanlan’s communications director, clarified that any action taken under the 14th Amendment would require judicial guidance.

Amid these deliberations, Scanlan also commented on the events of the January 6 Capitol riot, describing it as a “really unfortunate event in our history.” He expressed caution about labeling it an “insurrection” and left the determination of such classifications to the courts.

The ongoing discussion over Trump’s eligibility has profound legal and political implications, raising questions about the application of constitutional provisions and their intersection with partisan dynamics. Legal and political experts continue to analyze the issue and its repercussions on the upcoming election.

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