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Make America Great Again Rally in Manchester and New Hampshire Elected Leadership Team April 27

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Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 10:45 pm

45th President Donald Trump appeared today in New Hampshire to deliver remarks on the campaign trail in Manchester. This event signifies Trump’s second stop in the Granite State since January and his first since Ron DeSantis’ Speech at GOP Fundraiser earlier last week.

For those interested in watching the rally online, here are all the event details, including the start time, live stream, and how to watch online:

Make America Great Again Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

When: Thursday, April 27, 2023
Where: The Armory at the DoubleTree Manchester
Full Video: Watch Below

Full Video – Trump Speech in New Hampshire (4/27/23)

Trump Speaks – 4:00 pm ET

Video by Rumble

President Donald Trump turned his attention to the General Election on Thursday in New Hampshire

Event Begins – Doors Open – 1:00 pm ET

Source- Rumble

According to the latest survey conducted by Emerson College Polling, former President Donald Trump is dominating the 2024 GOP primary race by a significant margin. His support among Republican voters is almost at a supermajority, with 62% backing his candidacy. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a distant second with 16% support, while no other candidate has managed to reach double digits. It is worth noting that Trump’s 62% reflects growth in support for the first time in an Emerson national poll since June 2022, where he maintained a consistent 55%. On the other hand, DeSantis has seen a decline in his support, dropping nine points since the February national poll, from 25% to 16%.

Source- Emerson College Polling

Trump Announces New Hampshire Elected Leadership Team

President Donald Trump made an announcement today regarding the formation of his New Hampshire Leadership Team, comprising a significant number of political figures. The team boasts of over 50 members of the legislature, constituting a complete 25% of Republicans in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The strong support of these influential members is expected to provide a significant boost to Trump’s campaign efforts in the region.

New Hampshire Leadership Team:

  • The Honorable Bruce Breton
  • The Honorable Lou Gargiulo
  • Representative Kimberly Abare, Hillsborough District 1
  • Representative Louise Andrus, Merrimack District 5
  • Representative Glenn Bailey, Strafford District 2
  • Representative Harry Bean, Belknap District 6
  • Representative Jacob Brouillard, Rockingham District 1
  • Representative Claudine Burnham, Strafford District 2
  • Representative Tim Cahill, Rockingham District 4
  • Representative Jose Cambrils, Merrimack District 4
  • Representative Brian Cole, Hillsborough District 26
  • Representative Debra DeSimone, Rockingham District 18
  • Representative Ron Dunn, Rockingham District 16
  • Representative Tracy Emerick, Rockingham District 29
  • Representative Keith Erf, Hillsborough District 28
  • Representative Larry Gagne, Hillsborough District 16
  • Representative Ted Gorski, Hillsborough District 2
  • Representative Gerald Griffin, Hillsborough District 42
  • Representative Tina Harley, Rockingham District 30
  • Representative Juliet Harvey-Bolia, Belknap District 3
  • Representative Gregory Hill, Merrimack District 2
  • Representative Thomas Kaczynski, Strafford District 5
  • Representative Diane Kelley, Hillsborough District 32
  • Representative Stephen Kennedy, Hillsborough District 13
  • Representative Aboul Khan, Rockingham District 30
  • Representative John Leavitt, Merrimack District 10
  • Representative Nikki McCarter, Belknap District 8
  • Representative Valerie McDonnell, Rockingham District 25
  • Representative Charles Melvin, Rockingham District 20
  • Representative Dane Nagel, Belknap District 6
  • Representative Kristine Perez, Rockingham District 16
  • Representative Joseph Pitre, Strafford District 1
  • Representative Tom Ploszaj, Belknap District 1
  • Representative John Potucek, Rockingham District 13
  • Representative Kevin Pratt, Rockingham District 4
  • Representative Arlene Quaratiello, Rockingham District 18
  • Representative Andrew Renzullo, Hillsborough District 13
  • Representative Jennifer Rhodes, Cheshire District 17
  • Representative Terry Roy, Rockingham District 31
  • Representative John Sellers, Grafton District 18
  • Representative Vanessa Sheehan, Hillsborough District 43
  • Representative Lisa Smart, Belknap District 2
  • Representative James Spillane, Rockingham District 2
  • Representative Jonathan Stone, Sullivan District 8
  • Representative James Summers, Rockingham District 20
  • Representative Jeffrey Tenczar, Hillsborough District 1
  • Representative Paul Terry, Belknap District 7
  • Representative Dick Thackston, Cheshire District 12
  • Representative Jordan Ulery, Hillsborough District 13
  • Representative Lilli Walsh, Rockingham District 15
  • Representative Kenneth Weyler, Rockingham District 14
  • Representative Robert Wherry, Hillsborough District 13
  • Representative Clayton Wood, Merrimack District 13

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