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National Poll: Ramaswamy Surges to Tie DeSantis in GOP Presidential Race

National Poll

In a surprising National Poll, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has emerged as a strong contender in the GOP presidential race, tying with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 12 percent support, according to a recent national poll conducted by Kaplan Strategies

What National Poll Reveals:

The poll also reveals that former President Donald Trump continues to maintain a commanding lead with 48 percent support.

“Ramaswamy outperformed six other hopefuls by more than double, marking a significant surprise in this poll.” – Doug Kaplan, Pollster at Kaplan Strategies.

Pollster Doug Kaplan expressed astonishment at Ramaswamy’s performance, stating, “Ramaswamy outperformed six other hopefuls by more than double, marking a significant surprise in this poll.” The rise of Ramaswamy has been accompanied by a decline in DeSantis’ standing, reflecting recent trends observed in the race.


The latest poll from Kaplan Strategies, aligned with findings from Echelon Insights, indicates Ramaswamy’s momentum, as he climbed two percentage points to reach 10 percent, while DeSantis’ support dwindled to 16 percent, reflecting a two percentage point drop from the previous period.

"Ramaswamy, the biotech investor, has made significant strides in his political journey, tying with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the latest national GOP poll." - Doug Kaplan, Founder of Kaplan Strategies.

Despite Ramaswamy’s surge, experts still consider his White House bid a long shot. However, Ramaswamy has managed to secure high favorability ratings among GOP voters, which could potentially aid his candidacy in the future. He recently stated that even if he doesn’t secure the nomination, his presence in the race will have an impact on the election.

In addition to the three frontrunners, the poll measured support for six other GOP candidates, including former Vice President Mike Pence, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, South Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, and former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Christie and Scott garnered support from five percent of respondents each, followed by Pence with four percent, Haley with three percent, and Hutchinson with only one percent. Surprisingly, Burgum received no support in the poll, and 10 percent of respondents remain undecided.

"While DeSantis remains a top-tier candidate amongst non-Trump choices, he now shares this status with Ramaswamy. The reactions of these camps in the face of this new dynamic are anticipated with interest." - Doug Kaplan, Founder of Kaplan Strategies.

Doug Kaplan, the founder of Kaplan Strategies, highlighted the potential for Ramaswamy to gain more support in the future, given his higher uncertainty rate compared to DeSantis. Kaplan noted that DeSantis maintains a favorable rating of 59 percent among GOP voters, while Ramaswamy’s relative newness in the political arena leads to a 27 percent uncertainty rate among Republican voters.

“Trump boasts a combined 69 percent favorability rating, leaving little room for uncertainty.” – Poll Analysis.

The poll also emphasized Trump’s unwavering dominance within the GOP, with a combined favorability rating of 69 percent. This rating solidifies his position as the top contender among the crowded field of challengers.
As the race continues to evolve, attention turns to the reactions of the DeSantis and Ramaswamy camps. DeSantis, who once held a clear lead, now faces a formidable rival in Ramaswamy. Observers are closely monitoring how both candidates strategize to win over voters and navigate the ever-changing dynamics of the GOP primary race

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