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NBC News Poll Reveals Trump’s Growing Lead in Republican Primary Race

nbc news poll reveals trump is leading

In a recent national poll conducted by NBC News, former President Donald Trump’s dominance in the Republican primary race has reached new heights, leaving other candidates, particularly Ron DeSantis, facing significant challenges. Despite Trump’s latest indictment on federal criminal charges, his support among Republican voters has only strengthened, raising questions about the viability of his opponents.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted the survey alongside Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, expressed astonishment at the lack of impact Trump’s indictment has had on his standing.

 “For the first time in history, a former president has been indicted, and we can’t find a marker in this survey that it’s had an impact on his standing,” stated McInturff. 

Horwitt added that not only are Republican voters sticking with Trump post-indictment, but there are signs of his support growing while others, particularly Ron DeSantis, are losing ground.

The poll results paint a challenging picture for the entire Republican field, with DeSantis in particular experiencing a significant decline in support. Trump’s lead over DeSantis has expanded by 14 points, with the Florida governor losing 9 points in June. 

This setback is concerning, considering the substantial resources and time DeSantis has invested in his campaign over the past month. Observers have noted a recent decline in DeSantis’ visibility, speculating that his campaign may be adjusting its messaging and focus.

What NBC News Poll Data Says:

Previously, there was speculation that in a head-to-head contest between Trump and DeSantis, the latter might have a chance at victory. However, recent poll numbers debunk that notion. Trump’s lead over DeSantis in a multi-candidate field has grown to 29 points, compared to April’s poll where Trump led with 46% and DeSantis trailed with 31%. 

NBC News Poll reveals trump is leading

Even when the race narrows down to just the two candidates, Trump still maintains a substantial advantage, garnering support from 60% of Republican primary voters, while DeSantis receives 36%.

Considering Trump’s commanding lead and support among GOP primary voters, the question arises: will Trump skip the upcoming Republican debate scheduled for August? With over 50% of the support, some argue that Trump may see little need to share the debate stage and potentially elevate another candidate. However, opinions on this matter vary, and it remains uncertain whether Trump would willingly cede the opportunity to participate in a primetime television event.

Last Comment, the NBC News poll underscores Trump’s rising poll numbers and his dominant position in the Republican primary race. Ron DeSantis and other candidates are struggling to gain traction against the former president’s strong support. 

The implications of Trump’s lead could reshape the dynamics of the race, potentially leading to a two-person contest between Trump and DeSantis. As the race progresses, it will be crucial to monitor how Trump’s lead affects his participation in debates and the strategies employed by the candidates.

Source: NBC Data

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