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Post-Debate Polls: Impact of First Republican Debate on 2024 Nomination Race

Post-Debate Polls

Last updated on November 15th, 2023 at 09:51 pm

The first Republican Presidential debate shows NO CHANGE to former President Donald Trump’s lead in the party despite his absence. 

Post-Debate Polls, Trump Holds Strong:

Post-debate polls by Morning Consult showed Trump’s support among Republicans at 58%, unaffected by the debate. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received positive feedback, but his position remained unchanged at 14% support.

Tech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy gained attention for his energetic debate performance. He engaged with other candidates and emerged as a second-place favorite for the nomination based on betting odds.

The Morning Consult poll revealed Ramaswamy’s rise has brought him close to overtaking DeSantis for second place, indicating challenges for DeSantis’s campaign.

Morning Consult quizzed over 1,256 potential Republican primary voters, with an unweighted margin of error of up to +/-3 percentage points.

In another poll by the New York Post, Trump surged to 61% support, with DeSantis dropping to 9%. The poll highlighted Trump’s dominance and the shifting landscape of the race.

Rupert Murdoch owns the New York Post commissioned the statistically valid poll of 1,800 voters.

Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson no longer have measurable support. Vivek Ramaswamy polls at 5%, matching Mike Pence’s standing.

Both poll was conducted after the First Republican primary debate.

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