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Riley Gaines Endorses Ron DeSantis: Preserving Fairness in Women’s Sports

Riley Gaines Endorses desantis

Riley Gaines, an accomplished All-American swimmer and a passionate advocate for women’s sports, recently announced her endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for President in a 2024 GOP presidential primary. In an interview on Newsmax with Eric Bolling, Gaines expressed her support for DeSantis and her intention to hit the campaign trail alongside the Sunshine State’s governor.

Riley Gaines American Swimmer:

Gaines gained prominence through her athletic achievements, having secured the title of a 12-time All-American swimmer with five SEC titles. While competing at the University of Kentucky, she found herself in a notable match against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. This experience prompted Gaines to become a vocal proponent of reserving women’s sports exclusively for biological females. In her endorsement on Newsmax, she argued that backing DeSantis is “the right thing for women.”

Highlighting DeSantis’ accomplishments, Gaines spoke to Bolling about the governor’s ability to challenge the political establishment, woke corporations, and the media, and emerge victorious, as demonstrated by his success in Florida alone. She praised DeSantis for his leadership in addressing the radical ideologies that contribute to societal breakdown, impacting families, faith, and individual freedoms.

Gaines, now a swimmer-turned-activist, acknowledged the potential backlash she might face from supporters of former President Donald Trump who might feel slighted by her decision to endorse DeSantis instead. However, she emphasized the importance of taking a stance to address the threats facing the country and the subsequent impact on future generations. Confident in her leadership, understanding, and unwavering morals, Gaines asserted that endorsing Governor DeSantis is the right choice, not only for herself but also for women and Americans at large.

In an upcoming event in Greenville, South Carolina, Gaines will join Governor DeSantis, along with South Carolina state Representative Ashley Trantham, to shed light on the measures taken by DeSantis to prohibit transgender individuals from participating in women’s sports. The event aims to discuss the issue of male participation in women’s sports and further the dialogue on preserving fairness and equity in athletic competitions.

Governor DeSantis has taken concrete action in this regard, signing the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” in 2021. This legislation mandates that student-athletes at public schools participate on teams aligned with the gender they were assigned at birth. Moreover, DeSantis made a symbolic gesture the previous year by declaring Emma Weyant the winner of the NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle, following Lia Thomas’ victory at a tournament.

Riley Gaines expressed her excitement about standing alongside Governor DeSantis and Representative Ashley Trantham as they advocate for what they perceive as right and just. Gaines’ endorsement of DeSantis aligns with her unwavering commitment to preserving the integrity of women’s sports and ensuring a level playing field for female athletes.

Overall, Gaines’ endorsement of Ron DeSantis and her active involvement in the campaign highlights her dedication to championing women’s sports. As a highly accomplished athlete and an influential figure, her stance carries weight in the ongoing discourse surrounding gender participation in athletics. The upcoming event in South Carolina provides a platform for Gaines, DeSantis, and Trantham to engage in meaningful conversations and propel the discussion forward, striving for fairness and equality in women’s sports.

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