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Trump and DeSantis Set to Appear Together at 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner in Iowa


Des Moines, Iowa – The 2023 Lincoln Dinner, hosted by the Republican Party of Iowa. Former President Donald Trump, along with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and a slew of other candidates, addressed the Republican Party of Iowa’s Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines.

Trump and DeSantis Set to share the same stage in Iowa:

Here are all the details including event times, live stream link, and how to watch the candidate speeches tonight at the Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner.

Trump Speaks at Republican Party of Iowa’s 2023 Lincoln Dinner
When: Friday, July 28, 2023
Where: Iowa Events Center in Des Moines, Iowa
Live Stream: Watch Below

Live Stream: Trump Speaks at Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner (July 28)

Each candidate was given about 10 minutes of speaking time. Live coverage from RSBN with candidate speeches throughout the evening.

Full Video – Donald Trump (July 28)

Full Video – Vivek Ramaswamy (July 28)

Full Video – Ron DeSantis (July 28)

Full Video – Nikki Haley (July 28)

Full Video – Tim Scott (July 28)

Full Video – Mike Pence (July 28)

Of particular significance is the presence of the two leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination – former President Donald Trump and DeSantis. This marks the first time that the two prominent contenders will share the same stage in Iowa, a pivotal moment in the early presidential cycle.

The Lincoln Dinner will serve as a showcase event for Iowa Republicans, providing an occasion for the candidates to present their platforms and appeal to potential voters.

Both Trump and DeSantis are well ahead of the pack in polls, but they are also confronted with unique challenges that they must address during their speeches.

For Trump, it is a rare occasion to appear alongside the rest of the field, as he has typically avoided such events. DeSantis, on the other hand, is seeking to reset his campaign, which has experienced some difficulties in recent weeks. He embarked on a two-day bus tour of Iowa ahead of the dinner to engage with voters and revitalize his campaign.

As the 2023 Lincoln Dinner unfolds, all eyes will be on Trump and DeSantis, who are competing to garner support and distinguish themselves in a crowded field of contenders. The event is expected to have a significant impact on the early presidential cycle, providing crucial insights into the dynamics of the Republican nomination race.

According to local polls, Donald Trump currently maintains a double-digit lead over Ron DeSantis. However, Iowa GOP leaders believe that Trump’s popularity and legal issues have created an opening for DeSantis and other rivals to gain ground in the race. With the Iowa caucuses less than six months away, the candidates are seizing the opportunity to make their case to Iowa voters at the Lincoln Dinner.

Trump’s appearance at the fundraiser comes a day after facing additional charges over the retention of classified documents following his departure from office. Despite these legal challenges, he remains the undeniable front-runner in Iowa and nationwide. The field of candidates, including DeSantis, is striving to navigate a race that has been overshadowed by Trump’s popularity among Republicans and the cloud of legal controversies surrounding him.

It remains to be seen how the candidates will navigate their speeches, address their challenges, and appeal to Iowa voters. As the evening progresses, the political landscape may witness shifts and developments that could reshape the trajectory of the GOP nomination race.

For up-to-date coverage and further details on the 2023 Lincoln Day Dinner and the candidates’ appearances, stay tuned to reliable news sources and official statements from the Republican Party of Iowa.

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