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Trump Fox News Town Hall in Clive, Iowa – A Pivotal Moment in the Iowa Nominating Process 🗳️

Fox News town hall event

Last updated on November 15th, 2023 at 04:30 am

Join us for a momentous occasion as President Donald Trump takes center stage in Clive, Iowa, for an exclusive Fox News town hall event. This highly anticipated gathering was shed light on the prospects of the GOP nominating process in Iowa and the competition between Trump and Gov Ron DeSantis for crucial support.

On Thursday, Trump makes a special in-studio appearance alongside the popular radio host Simon Conway. Following this, he address Republican activists at the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale, situated in the suburbs of Des Moines. 

The true question remains: Will conservatives, displeased by Fox’s recent termination of Tucker Carlson, find it worthwhile to tune in and boost ratings during the 9 pm hour? The network’s viewership decline persists throughout the entire primetime lineup, and hosting an event for Trump can be seen as an effort to halt the ongoing loss of viewers. This event follows Trump’s recent town hall hosted by CNN in New Hampshire, another crucial early-voting state.

Here are all the details below including the full video of the event.

Fox News Town Hall With Donald Trump 📢

  • When: Thursday, June 1, 2023
  • Time: 9 pm ET (8 pm CT)
  • Where: Clive, IOWA
  • Host: Sean Hannity

Livestream: Fox News Trump Town Hall

Video Source © Rumble

Viewers have the option to watch the town hall live on the Fox News channel at 9 pm ET. At present, access to the live stream of the town hall online requires a cable or satellite subscription. However, the recording of the event will be made available for viewing after the event.

President Trump attended the Westside Conservative Breakfast in Urbandale and hosted a luncheon with dozens of Iowa faith leaders in Des Moines.

He then visited hundreds of grassroots leaders and supporters before participating in a FOX News town hall hosted by Sean Hannity at the Horizon Events Center.

The video starts at 2:40 min in Video Progress Bar

However, it is worth noting that Trump’s openness to red flag laws for gun owners has raised concerns among some key figures in Iowa. Matt Windschitl, the majority leader of the Iowa state House, expressed his desire for a presidential candidate who is “focused on the future” and raised questions about Trump’s stance on this matter.

Moreover, Steve Deace, an influential Iowa-based conservative talk show host, highlighted that Trump’s recent criticism of a six-week abortion ban may have impacted his standing with evangelical voters in the state. Sen. Joni Ernst, who remains neutral in the 2024 presidential primary, noted that recent endorsements for Ron DeSantis by Windschitl and other state lawmakers reflect a shift in the sentiments of their constituencies, suggesting a growing interest in exploring fresh candidates.

While Trump has been leading in national polls and is considered by many Republicans as the inevitable nominee, the landscape in Iowa tells a different story. Interviews with local lawmakers, strategists, and voters reveal that victory in Iowa’s GOP nominating process is far from assured. Prominent Republican voices are emerging to challenge Trump and promote the candidacy of Ron DeSantis. Their support holds significant weight in a caucus where highly engaged party activists play a pivotal role. In 2016, the record turnout reached just under 187,000.

As Trump and DeSantis embark on competing trips to Iowa this week, the contrasting approaches and messages of these two influential figures will take center stage. DeSantis, who recently announced his candidacykicked off his first swing in Iowa, while Trump’s overnight trip will commence on Wednesday. This event is set to ignite intense discussions and shape the course of the GOP nominating process.

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