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Watch: Trump Speech to Autoworkers in Detroit, Michigan Amid UAW Strike

Trump Speech To Autoworkers

Last updated on November 9th, 2023 at 07:34 am

The UAW strike persists and expands, with former President Donald Trump set to visit Michigan and address striking autoworkers. While his Republican rivals gather in California for their second primary debate, Trump is focusing on winning over blue-collar voters in Michigan, a battleground state.

Trump will speak to about 500 former and current union members Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023, Today, at 8 p.m. The location is Drake Enterprises, situated at 24800 Capital Blvd. in Clinton Township. Information regarding public access remains pending. 

You can watch his live speech here; we will stream it for you. Stay tuned for updates.

Full Video: Watch Donald Trump Speech To Autoworkers at Clinton Township, MI

GOP Debate Night: Trump Addresses Striking Auto Workers in Detroit, Michigan

Trump Speech Time: 8 pm ET
Full Video: watch below

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This visit comes right after President Joe Biden made history by joining United Auto Workers on a picket line in Detroit. The union is advocating for higher wages, shorter workweeks, and assurances of unionized jobs in the electric vehicle sector.

Trump’s primetime remarks will be at Drake Enterprises, a non-union auto parts supplier near Detroit. He will address a crowd comprising hundreds of current and former UAW members, along with members of plumbers and pipefitters unions.

Trump has previously voiced opposition to electric vehicles, suggesting they could lead to job losses for autoworkers. However, he has not commented on other UAW demands such as higher wages, improved benefits, and job security.

Despite positioning himself as pro-worker, Trump has clashed with union leadership and encouraged autoworkers not to pay union dues. He has promised to protect their jobs and make them wealthy.

The strike has spread across 21 states, with Michigan having the highest number of strike plants at 14.

It remains unclear whether Trump’s address is aimed at gaining support among autoworkers and union workers to secure Michigan and Midwestern votes, as he did in the 2016 election. Some maintain that the strike negotiations involve only the Detroit Three automakers, excluding both Trump and President Biden.

Trump officially announced his visit last week, expressing his intention to meet with active and retired UAW members. The location was disclosed on Monday, and it’s noteworthy that Drake Enterprises is a non-union manufacturer and supplier, according to the Michigan AFL-CIO.

The former President also criticized Biden’s Tuesday visit to Detroit, claiming that the Democrat announced his visit only after Trump had made his plans.

Given the ongoing tension between the two presidents, Michigan is poised to be a crucial swing state in the 2024 presidential election. Biden received UAW support four years ago and is currently running for re-election.

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