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Trump Attends High-Stakes Iowa vs. Iowa State Football Game Amidst Republican Campaign Tour

Trump to Attend High-Stakes Iowa vs. Iowa State Football Game

Last updated on September 9th, 2023 at 08:09 am

Former President Donald Trump is set to attend the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game on Saturday, injecting excitement into the political scene as Republican presidential hopefuls crisscross the state.

The game, taking place at Ames Stadium, will feature the University of Iowa Hawkeyes facing off against the Iowa State University Cyclones. Trump’s presence is expected to garner significant attention, especially considering Iowa’s strong Republican leanings during the 2020 Trump-Biden election.

“We’re pleased to welcome Donald J. Trump to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game this weekend,” said Matt Whittaker, Trump’s Acting Attorney General and a former Iowa Hawkeyes tight end. He fondly recalled Trump’s previous attendance at the game in 2015, noting the passionate and energetic atmosphere created by fans.

Trump’s history with the Cy-Hawk football game includes his last appearance in 2015, an event that left a lasting impression on him due to the fervor of the fans.

Live Stream – Trump Attends High-Stakes Iowa vs. Iowa State Football Game

The Cy-Hawk game, a prominent college football rivalry, will commence at 2:30 p.m. at Jack Trice Stadium, located at 1732 South Fourth Street

The Live Stream Above is provided by RSBN courtesy of Rumble:

What channel is Cy-Hawk on? How to watch Iowa State Football Game Livestream:

FOX will broadcast the game, with expectations that Trump’s presence will receive coverage during the telecast.

Kirk Ferentz, head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes, was informed of Trump’s upcoming attendance during a recent press conference. While Ferentz acknowledged the significance of Trump’s presence, he also emphasized that the game would host around 60,000 other spectators, underscoring his primary focus on game strategy.

Jack Whitver, Senate Majority Leader and former Cyclones wide receiver expressed pride in having President Trump witness what he termed the “greatest rivalry in college sports.” Whitver, who has not endorsed a candidate in the Republican primary, looked forward to tens of thousands of Iowans gathering to tailgate and support their favorite teams.

Notably, Trump currently leads his Republican opponents for the presidential nomination in both national and Iowa polling. Iowa’s Republican caucuses in January will serve as the initial test of candidates’ electoral strength and will mark the commencement of the national primary process.

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver, an ex-Cyclones wide receiver, echoed his pride in President Trump’s visit, emphasizing the significance of the rivalry within the context of college sports. Whitver, like many, eagerly anticipates the excitement and energy that will surround the event.

As former President Trump joins the fervor of the Cy-Hawk game, his attendance underscores the unique intersection of sports, politics, and the upcoming presidential race, making it a noteworthy event for both Iowans and the nation.

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