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Watch: Tucker Carlson’s Latest Episode Features Interview with Man Claiming Intercourse with Obama

Tucker Interview With Larry Sinclair

The latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s X series features an interview with a man called Larry Sinclair, a man who alleges having had sexual relations and used crack cocaine with former President Barack Obama. 

This interview has resurfaced a long-standing story that has circulated for years but has largely remained under the radar of mainstream media.

These claims have been in the public domain for over 15 years, with many being aware of the allegations, despite mainstream media’s reluctance to give them significant attention.

The decision by Tucker Carlson to put the spotlight on what some have termed the “Lightbringer” is raising eyebrows and eliciting a mix of curiosity and amusement.

A similar story was reported by the Daily Mail during Obama’s presidency, but it failed to gain traction in mainstream media outlets. Larry Sinclair, the man making the allegations, asserts that he engaged in sexual activity with Obama in 1999 and that they used cocaine together. According to Sinclair, “It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time.”

Sinclair also took a moment to criticize mainstream media’s avoidance of this story, echoing sentiments commonly heard within conservative circles. “Well, it would be a story if the media really cared about telling people the truth,” he remarked.

In a preview of the interview, Tucker Carlson asked Sinclair, “Is it your sense that that’s who Obama is, just transactional, or that he’s bisexual, or like, what is this? The guy’s running for president, and credible information comes out that he’s smoking crack and having sexual encounters with other men,” to which Sinclair responded.

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