As the 2024 presidential race gains momentum, candidates are harnessing the power of fundraising to fuel their campaigns. Join us on this captivating journey through the financial landscape of the top contenders!

Donald Trump's Campaign

Donald Trump's fundraising roars back with a remarkable $15.3 million in Q2. SMS Advertising and Digital Consulting led expenses.

Ron DeSantis' Ambition

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces a hefty $20 million in just 6 weeks. A high burn rate of 40% sparks concerns

Tim Scott's Muscle

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott flexes his fundraising prowess, amassing $5.8 million. $21 million in the bank for Scott.

Nikki Haley's Steady Path

Nikki Haley raises $5.3 million, boasting $9.3 million cash on hand. Stand for America's support strengthens her campaign.

Vivek Ramaswamy's Grassroots Fire

Vivek Ramaswamy sparks grassroots enthusiasm, raising $7.7 million, mostly from passionate small donors.

Mike Pence's Speculation

Late entry Mike Pence raises $1.2 million. Speculation looms over his viability.

Doug Burgum's Innovation

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum's unique tactics raise $11.7 million, with $10.2 million from his personal bank account.

Fundraising shapes the 2024 race, with Trump and DeSantis leading, grassroots support fueling Ramaswamy and Scott, and speculation surrounding Pence. Visual

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