The Explosive Truth Behind His Departure and His Unforgivable Feud

Geraldo Rivera's Fiery Departure from Fox News

Geraldo's Lengthy Tenure

Geraldo Rivera spent 23 years at Fox News

Ousted from "The Five"

Rivera recently left after being ousted from "The Five"

Strong Feelings and Ideological Differences

Geraldo Rivera's ideology no longer fit Fox News

Never Forgiving Tucker Carlson

Rivera will never forgive Tucker Carlson

Controversy over Jan. 6th Insurrection

Rivera criticizes Carlson's portrayal of the U.S. Capitol attack

Fox News' Response and Departure

Fox News ousted Carlson and Rivera departs

Uncertain Broadcasting Future

Rivera's broadcasting career future remains uncertain

Rivera's Dedication to Prevent Reelection

Rivera vows to ensure Trump is not reelected president

Impact and Consequences

The impact of Rivera's departure and potential consequences


Geraldo Rivera's fiery departure from Fox News sets the stage for a new chapter in his career.

The End

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