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2024 Nevada Presidential Republican Primary Polls

Nevada Presidential Republican Primary Polls

Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 03:39 am

The latest poll numbers for the 2024 Nevada Republican Primary. These numbers are updated when new Nevada primary polls become available.

Nevada is set to reclaim its prominent position on the political stage in 2024, emerging as one of the pivotal early states in the Presidential Primary process. The state’s significance lies in its role in refining the candidate field after Iowa and New Hampshire, often determining viable pathways for contenders. Apart from John McCain in 2008, every GOP nominee has secured support from Nevada GOP voters.

In early 2024, Nevada will host its Republican presidential primary and/or caucuses, joining the ranks of the 2024 Republican Party primaries. Allocation of 26 delegates to the 2024 Republican National Convention will occur proportionally, following the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

We are tracking the latest polling for the NV Primary. We also track the Hunt for the Delegates- because primaries aren’t won by the candidates that get the most votes, but by the candidate that wins the most delegates. We use the polling to forecast how many delegates each candidate is on track to win.

All polls below are polls of Nevada residents who can or will likely participate in the 2024 Nevada Republican Primary or Caucus.

The Nevada Republican Party is uncertain about holding a caucus or joining the state-run primary. The Republican primary hinges on multiple candidate filings by October 16, 2023, but Nevada Republicans may opt to boycott it in favor of a later caucus.

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Average Data of Recent Nevada Primary Polls:

CandidatesPoll Average
trump Donald Trump72.6%
Nikki Haley Nikki HaleyDropout
Ron DeSantis Ron DeSantisDropout
Asa Hutchinson Asa HutchinsonDropout
Vivek Ramaswamy Vivek RamaswamyDropout
Chris Christie Chris ChristieDropout
Mike Pence Mike PenceDropout
tim scott Tim ScottDropout
Doug Burgum Doug BurgumDropout
will hurd Will HurdDropout
Source– Racetothewh & Fivethirtyeight

Recent Nevada PrimaryPolls:

List of the most recent 2024 Nevada Republican Primary Polls:

P- Jan 14
C- Dec 11-13
McLaughlin Trump +60McLaughlin & Associates
P- Jan 9
C- Jan 5-8
Emerson CollegeTrump +65Emerson College Poll
P- Feb 1
C- Jan 1-31
Morning ConsultTrump +55Morning Consult poll
P- Jan 15
C- Jan 11-13
McLaughlin (Trump)Trump +60McLaughlin & Associates
P- Jan 9
C- Jan 5-8
Emerson CollegeTrump +65Emerson College Polling survey
P- Dec 15
C- Dec 11-13
McLaughlin & AssociatesTrump +60McLaughlin & Associates Poll
C- Oct 1-30Morning ConsultTrump +572024 State-Level Republican Primary Polling
C- Oct 1-31Morning ConsultTrump +532024 State-Level Republican Primary Polling
P- Oct 12
C- Oct 6-10
Tarrance GroupTrump +49Republican Main Street Partnership, Women2Women
P- Oct 10
C-Sep 29-Oct 3
SSRSTrump +52CNN Poll
P- Oct 6
C- Sept 28-30
WPA IntelligenceTrump +24New Ranked Choice Poll
P- June 29
C- June 26-28
National Research Inc.Trump +30American Greatness
P- June 29
C- June 26-28
National Research Inc.Trump +32American Greatness
P- May 24VoteTxtTrump +30Newsmakers Poll
P- Nov 2
C- Oct 24-27
Data Source– Racetothewh & Fivethirtyeight

*Where (P) Denotes Publish Date & (C) Denotes Conduct Date in the Date Section

Some of these data are subject to change, We continuously update when new polls arrive.

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