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Anna Paulina Luna Net Worth: Many Lives Between Air Force to Congress

Anna Paulina Luna Net Worth

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 02:49 am

Meet Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky, a woman whose life story reads like a movie script. From her service in the Air Force to her controversial past and her recent election to Congress, Anna is a force to be reckoned with. 

Anna’s life is a tapestry of ups, downs, and everything in between, But who’s the man beside her, Andrew Gamberzky? Let’s unravel the many layers of Anna’s life, from her past careers, and net worth to her personal relationships and beyond.

Anna Paulina Luna Net Worth

Anna Paulina Luna’s financial journey is as intriguing as her career path. Anna Paulina Luna’s estimated net worth stands at a noteworthy $5 million, and she has multiple income streams.

Anna Paulina Luna salary 

She reportedly earned a salary of $50,000 during her time in the Air Force. After her military service, she ventured into modeling and even worked as a stripper, which contributed to her income. As a congresswoman representing Florida’s 13th Congressional District, she now earns $174,000 per year. 

Overview of Anna Paulina Luna

Full NameAnna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky
Real NameAnna Mayerhofer
Date of BirthMay 6, 1984
Age37 years (As of 2023)
BirthplaceOrange City, California, United States.
HeightIn Feet Inches: 5′ 7″
Weight60 kg.
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
ParentsFather: George Mayerhofer (Deceased)
Mother: Monica Todd
HusbandAndrew Gamberzky
ChildrenGave birth son Henry on August 26, 2023, becoming a first-time mother
EthnicityHalf-Mexican, Half-German
EducationAttended six high schools, Air Force training
UniversityGraduated from The University of West Florida.
ProfessionPolitician, Author, USAF Veteran, Social Media Influencer, Motivational Leader, and Entrepreneur
Net WorthEstimated $5 Million
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
HistoryAir Force Veteran, Model, Politician
MaximModeled for Maxim
StripperWorked as a stripper
Sports IllustratedModeled for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Bikini/SwimsuitKnown for bikini and swimsuit modeling
Political AffiliationsRepublican

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Personal Life: An In-Depth Look

Anna Paulina Luna Husband and Wedding

Anna is married to Andrew Gamberzky, a decorated U.S. Air Force combat controller. The couple met during their service in the Air Force and have had an on-again, off-again relationship before finally settling down. Andrew, who is 36, has been a pillar of support in Anna’s life.

Source- Anna Paulina Facebook
Anna Paulina Luna Husband

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Children and Family

Anna became a first-time mother on August 26, 2023, while serving her first term in Congress, a historic rarity. She even battled an infection three weeks after giving birth but vowed to fly back to Washington, D.C., to vote against a spending bill if necessary. Anna’s father, George Mayerhofer, who recently passed away, had a significant influence on her life, especially after overcoming his addiction issues.

Ethnicity, Real Name, and Height

Born Anna Mayerhofer, she later changed her name to Anna Paulina Luna to honor her Hispanic heritage. She identifies as half-Mexican and half-German, a blend that reflects in her strong character and diverse interests.

Anna Paulina Luna height Standing at 5’7″, Anna has a commanding presence, which is further accentuated by her confidence and poise.

Anna Paulina Luna height

Interesting Facts: Did You Know?

  • Anna changed her last name to Luna to honor her Hispanic heritage.
  • She is the first Mexican-American woman elected to Congress from Florida.
  • Anna has been an advocate for border security and economic deregulation.
  • Despite battling an infection three weeks after giving birth, Anna vowed to fly back to Washington, D.C., to vote against a spending bill.
  • Anna’s husband, Andrew Gamberzky, is a decorated U.S. Air Force combat controller, and the couple met during their service.

Anna’s Early Life and Upbringing

Anna Paulina Luna Education

Anna had a challenging childhood, marked by her father’s drug addiction and her parents’ separation. She attended six different high schools before finally earning her diploma. Despite these hurdles, Anna joined the Air Force at 19 and served as an airfield manager for nearly a decade.


Anna’s political career began when she lost her first election in 2020 but made a strong comeback in 2022, defeating her Democratic opponent Eric Lynn by more than 17,000 votes. She is the first Mexican-American woman elected to Congress from Florida and has been an advocate for border security and economic deregulation.

The Many Facets of Anna Paulina Luna

History and Controversies

Anna’s life took a dramatic turn when she left the Air Force. She ventured into modeling and even worked as a stripper, which has been a point of contention, especially among her political adversaries.

Maxim, Swimsuit, and More

Anna’s modeling career is as diverse as it is controversial. She has modeled for Maxim and appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Anna Paulina Luna bikini and swimsuit photos have garnered much attention, both positive and negative.

Anna Paulina Luna bikini photo

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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky a stripper?

Yes, she worked as a stripper in a Florida nightclub.

Where is Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky from?

She is from Southern California.

Where was Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky born?

She was born in Los Angeles, California.

How old is Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky?

She is 34 years old.

Is Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky married?

Yes, she is married to Andrew Gamberzky.

Is Anna Paulina Luna her real name?

No, she was born Anna Mayerhofer.

What is Anna Paulina Luna’s net worth?

Estimated at $5 million.

What are her political affiliations?

She is a member of the Republican Party.

Anna Paulina Luna-Gamberzky is a complex, multifaceted individual whose life story is as captivating as it is controversial. From her challenging upbringing to her military service, modeling career, and recent entry into politics, Anna’s journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Disclaimer: The data and net worth figure provided is an estimate and subject to change.

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