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Explosive Revelation: Biden Administration Silences Whistleblowers in Hunter Biden Corruption Scandal!


Attorneys representing an IRS whistleblower have raised allegations of the Biden administration’s attempt to suppress investigations into alleged corruption within the Biden family, specifically the Hunter Biden tax evasion case.

Comparisons are drawn to the Trump presidency, where any suggestion of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller was met with threats of impeachment. Today, ongoing investigations and whistleblowers have come forward to expose various wrongdoings within the Biden administration, but much of the investigative process is reportedly being quietly hindered, dismantled, or silenced altogether.

Hunter Biden Probe

Investigative journalist John Solomon, reporting for JustTheNews, has documented the dismissal and demotion of two key whistleblowers implicating the IRS and FBI under Biden. One is an unnamed IRS agent who was previously involved in high-profile Swiss bank tax evasion cases and was suddenly removed, along with his team, from the Hunter Biden tax probe after alleging political interference from the Department of Justice.

The other whistleblower is FBI intelligence analyst Marcus Allen, a decorated Marine, who had his security clearance and paychecks revoked after reporting discrepancies in FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony regarding the January 6, 2021 events.

Interestingly, whistleblowers who were hailed for exposing alleged wrongdoing during the Trump administration now face retaliation and demotion, while the media appears to be offering support to the Biden administration. The shutdown of the team investigating Hunter Biden’s tax evasion allegations and the intimidation against Marcus Allen, who intended to testify against FBI Director Christopher Wray, raise concerns about high-level government officials potentially being involved, including the President himself.

Congressional Republicans are frustrated with the lack of accountability and transparency, fearing that opportunities to address issues impacting American taxpayers are being obstructed. Representative Austin Scott emphasized the importance of agency insiders disclosing information to lawmakers in order to rectify past wrongs and govern effectively.

The media’s apparent lack of curiosity about the treatment of whistleblowers, who are legally protected, is seen as a missed opportunity to hold the Biden administration accountable.

The actions taken by top-level Biden administration officials to silence further inquiries into alleged family corruption reflect a disregard for the law and an administration seemingly immune to reprisal. The lack of consequences for the allegations of illegal financial dealings involving foreign governments suggests a corrupt system, with Biden and officials like FBI Director Christopher Wray seemingly untouchable by Congress or the American people.

These developments align with the recently released Durham report, which found collusion between the FBI, the Obama administration, and the Clinton campaign to influence the outcome of a free and fair election. It highlights a two-tiered justice system, where those within the power structure evade punishment while those targeted are subjected to harassment and potential financial ruin.

This narrative challenges the perception of Joe Biden as a folksy figure from Scranton, revealing him as a prominent player within the power elite, shielded from accountability despite mounting evidence of corruption. Attorneys representing the IRS whistleblower continue to push for the production of the document that allegedly exposes the criminal scheme, with subpoenas expected to be issued in pursuit of truth and justice.

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