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Chris Christie Poised to Launch 2024 Presidential Campaign: What Motivates?

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, is expected to join the race for the 2024 presidential nomination, becoming the 14th major Republican candidate to seek the party’s nomination. Christie, known for his direct and tough-talking style, is set to announce his long-shot bid during a town hall event in Manchester, New Hampshire. His campaign slogan, “Telling it like it is,” reflects his brash approach to politics. Formerly a close ally of former President Donald Trump, Christie has since become one of his most vocal Republican critics.

Gov. Chris Christie is expected to announce his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination Tuesday next week a person familiar with the matter confirmed to CNBC News. The announcement is expected to be made at Saint Anselm College on June 6 evening.


Despite an unsuccessful presidential run in 2016, Chris Christie appears determined to make another attempt at the presidency. His decision to enter the race seems to stem from a combination of factors. One possible motivation could be the desire to give traditional Republicans a viable alternative to Trump, whom Chris Christie now criticizes as a “coward” and a “puppet of Putin.” However, it is worth noting that Christie’s appeal might be limited in today’s Republican Party, as Trump remains the front-runner in the polls.

Christie’s criticisms of Trump and his refusal to align himself with the former president’s rhetoric and baseless claims of election fraud may have affected his standing within the Republican Party. By distancing himself from Trump, Christie has positioned himself as a Republican willing to challenge the party’s dominant figure. However, this could also make him a divisive candidate, appealing to a narrower segment of the GOP.

In terms of policy proposals, Christie has unveiled detailed plans on foreign policy, education, and entitlements. These policy positions could set him apart from the crowded field of Republican candidates. Christie’s experience as a U.S. attorney, where he prosecuted numerous officials for corruption, showcases his background as a tough prosecutor. This experience, coupled with his policy proposals, may appeal to voters looking for a candidate with a strong stance on issues related to corruption and governance.

It is worth noting that Christie has previously competed in the New Hampshire primary, finishing sixth in 2016. His decision to announce his presidential bid in New Hampshire indicates the significance of the state in his campaign strategy. Christie has been actively engaging with voters in New Hampshire, hosting town hall meetings and building a presence in the swing state.

Chris Christie 2016 poll

As Christie prepares to launch his campaign, his former allies have formed a political action committee called “Tell It Like It Is” to support him. This PAC aims to reflect Christie’s direct delivery and persona. The formation of this PAC demonstrates the support Christie has within his circle and highlights the anticipation surrounding his campaign announcement.

At last my comment on, Chris Christie’s decision to announce his 2024 presidential campaign despite his previous unsuccessful attempt can be attributed to various factors. His criticisms of Donald Trump and his desire to provide a traditional Republican alternative might have influenced his decision. Christie’s policy proposals and his direct style of communication differentiate him from other Republican candidates in the crowded field. The impact of his criticisms on his standing within the Republican Party remains to be seen, but his announcement and subsequent campaign will provide further insights into his viability as a presidential candidate.

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