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Political Rivals of DeSantis Exploit Disney Feud


Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 11:19 pm

The ongoing dispute between Disney and Governor DeSantis in Florida continues, as the state’s largest employer disagrees with the governor’s recent signing of a new law. As this rivalry persists, other political parties, including Democrats and Domestic party members, are taking advantage of the conflict between Disney and DeSantis by targeting the governor.

On Wednesday, Democratic lawmakers in North Carolina proposed a bill known as the “Mickey’s Freedom Restoration Act.” The bill aims to fund a study commission that will develop a plan to attract family amusement parks to the state. However, former President Donald Trump dismissed the efforts, calling them a “political stunt” and claiming that the governor had been “outplayed, outsmarted, and embarrassed by Mickey Mouse” in his attempt to pass new legislation targeting the company.

Trump criticized Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida for focusing on a battle with Disney instead of helping a landlord who is struggling with squatters. Governor DeSantis has been in a dispute with Disney World over its self-governing authority. Trump believes that DeSantis is being defeated by Disney and should instead focus on solving the problem of squatters. A landlord in Florida recently had her house occupied by squatters, which caused damage and legal fees. She is asking for help from the governor to change the laws and differentiate between tenants and squatters. Trump thinks DeSantis should prioritize fixing this issue.

“DeSanctis is being destroyed by Disney,” Trump wrote on Tuesday on Truth Social.

Governor DeSantis, who is anticipated to declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidential race within the next month, is considered to be the closest competitor to former President Donald Trump. However, some other Republicans who are also eyeing a presidential run in 2024 have criticized DeSantis’ recent actions.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is also criticizing Governor DeSantis for his handling of the situation involving Disney. Sununu believes that DeSantis made a mistake by attempting to pass new legislation aimed at the company, as it could have negative consequences for the state’s economy and reputation. Sununu may also be implying that this incident reflects poorly on DeSantis’ leadership abilities and judgment, which could affect his chances of winning the Republican nomination for president.

“Look, this has gone from kind of going after a headline to something that has devolved into an issue, and it convolutes the entire Republican message,” Sununu told CNN on Monday night. “… it’s not good for Gov. DeSantis. I don’t think it’s good for the Republican Party.”

What is the Issue between DeSantis and Disney?

In 2022, Governor DeSantis signed a law called the Parental Rights in Education Act, which some people called the “Don’t Say Gay” law. It stopped teachers in kindergarten to Grade 3 from talking about sexual orientation or gender identity. Now, there’s a proposal to expand the law to all grades. This law caused a big debate and people protested it. Staff members at Disney World, which is a big employer in Florida, wanted the company to speak out against the law. The CEO of Disney eventually said that the company supports LGBTQ+ employees and their families and had a conversation with the governor about their concerns.

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