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Doug Burgum Returns to Iowa for Campaign Stops Despite Achilles Tendon Injury

Doug Burgum Returns to Iowa

Last updated on November 15th, 2023 at 09:37 pm

North Dakota Governor and Presidential Candidate Continues Campaigning Efforts

DES MOINES, IOWA — North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, both a leader in business and a presidential candidate, is making a return to Iowa on September 5-6, 2023, as part of his campaign tour. 

Despite a recent Achilles tendon injury, Doug Burgum remains committed to meeting with voters across the state and sharing his vision for the future.

Doug Burgum Iowa Public Schedule:

Tuesday, September 5:

11:45 AM CT – 12:45 PM CT
Mills County Meet & Greet
Where: Keg Creek Brewing Company, 22381 221st, Glenwood, IA 51534

2:00 PM CT – 3:15 PM CT
Tour of Green Plains Ethanol Facility
Where: 4124 Airport Rd, Shenandoah, IA 51601

3:45 PM CT – 4:15 PM CT
Visit the Everly Brothers’ Childhood Home
Where: 800 W Sheridan Ave, Shenandoah, IA 51601

5:30 PM CT – 6:45 PM CT
Montgomery County Meet & Greet
Where: Pizza Ranch, 1511 N. Broadway St., Red Oak, IA 51566

Wednesday, September 6:

11: 00 AM CT – 12:00 PM CT
Shelby County Meet & Greet
Where: Pizza Ranch, 613 Court St., Harlan, IA 51537

1:00 PM CT – 2:15 PM CT
Crawford County Meet & Greet
Where: Bella Sera, 169 Oak Ridge Dr, Denison, IA

On the campaign trail, presidential candidates often seek to identify their opponents’ vulnerabilities, but Doug Burgum has taken a literal interpretation of this idea, campaigning while recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Burgum continues campaigning while recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon. Since announcing his candidacy in June, he has been actively campaigning, attending events in states like New Hampshire, and appearing on national television programs.

His campaign travels include visits to early primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, appearances on national television shows in New York, participation in the first GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, and a fundraising event in Washington, D.C.

The governor sustained his injury the night before the first debate during a casual basketball game. Despite having less speaking time during the debate compared to most other candidates, he saw it as a vital opportunity to introduce himself to a national audience.

Governor Burgum has officially been campaigning for 87 days and has spent a significant amount of time outside North Dakota for national election-related activities. The exact number of out-of-state campaign days is not publicly disclosed.

Recent polling data from FiveThirtyEight shows that Governor Doug Burgum is averaging less than one percent in polling data, tying with former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. In comparison, former President Donald Trump leads the polling averages with 51.4 percent, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at 14.5 percent.

The second Republican Presidential Debate is scheduled for September 27 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. To qualify, candidates need to meet specific criteria, including securing at least three percent support in polls and gathering at least 50,000 donors. The competition among candidates remains competitive as they vie for a spot on the debate stage.

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