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Congresswoman Harshbarger Joins the Trump Train, Criticizes Biden’s Leadership


Last updated on May 17th, 2023 at 06:15 am

Last Sunday, Rep. Harshbarger expressed her dissatisfaction with the current Biden administration, claiming that it has failed the American people during these unprecedented times. She highlighted her concerns about the economy, potential recession, drug overdose deaths due to an open border policy, and the prevalence of lawlessness in Democrat-run cities and states. Apart from these concerns, Harshbarger believes in a better future for the United States.

The 2024 United States presidential election is a highly anticipated event, with candidates from diverse regions expressing their interest in running for office. They aim to bring about positive change in the country and fulfill the promise of “Making America Great Again.” The list of potential candidates is constantly expanding, and among them are Republican politicians and supporters of former President Donald Trump. They are hopeful to see their leader once again serving the nation with his bold and confident demeanor.

Harshbarger desires a return to conservative values and leadership for America’s greatness and praises former President Trump for delivering results and prioritizing the country’s interests. She publicly endorsed Trump for another term, urging her fellow East Tennesseans to support him in making America the greatest country in the world once again.

A rising number of people, including some members of the Democratic party, are expressing doubts about President Biden’s suitability for a second term due to his age and health concerns.

Harshbarger was re-elected for her second term in the House of Representatives in November 2022, winning by a significant margin over her Democratic opponent. Trump had endorsed Harshbarger during the congressional race, commending her efforts in Congress to fight for strong borders, secure elections, the Second Amendment, and support for veterans and the military.


Recently, Harshbarger defended Trump against a lawsuit from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, criticizing the indictment as an example of political motivations rather than justice. She intends to bring Bragg before Congress to testify on the matter.

Harshbarger succeeded Rep. Phil Roe, who had retired, in the congressional election held in November 2020.

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