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Jeff Colyer Net Worth: Former Gov. Political Views and Trump Endorses

Jeff Colyer Net Worth

Last updated on November 28th, 2023 at 05:33 am

Jeff Colyer, an American surgeon and politician, has made a significant mark in the political landscape, particularly in Kansas. Born in 1960 in Hays, Kansas, Colyer’s journey from a medical professional to the 47th Governor of Kansas is a story of dedication and service. As of 2023, Jeff Colyer’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, a testament to his successful career in both medicine and politics.

Jeff Colyer’s Political Views and Journey 

Colyer’s political career is marked by his tenure as Kansas’ governor from January 31, 2018, to January 14, 2019. Before this, he served as the lieutenant governor under Sam Brownback. 

His political journey, however, wasn’t without its challenges. In 2018, he sought a full term as governor but was narrowly defeated in the primary by Kris Kobach, who had the backing of Donald Trump.

Colyer’s Views:

  • He wrote in a Newsweek column about his support for Trump after visiting him at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Colyer feels Trump’s health policy achievements were underappreciated and believes Trump would protect Medicare from spending cuts.
  • He supports Trump’s stance on lowering drug prices, addressing flaws in the Affordable Care Act, and creating price transparency in healthcare.
  • Colyer emphasizes the need for patient and doctor decision-making in healthcare, not bureaucrats.
  • He supports Trump’s approach to securing the U.S. border to stop drug trafficking.

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Jeff Colyer: Biography Overview

Full NameJeffrey William Colyer
Date of BirthJune 3, 1960
Age63 years, (As of 2023)
BirthplaceHays, Kansas, USA
ProfessionSurgeon and Politician
ParentsFather: James Daniel Colyer
Mother: Lorene Colyer
SpouseRuth Colyer (m. 1992)
ChildrenSerena Colyer, Alexandra Colyer, Domino Colyer
Net WorthApproximately $5 Million (as of 2023)
Education– University of Kansas School of Medicine (1986)
– Georgetown University
 – Clare Hall
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Key Political Views– Advocacy for healthcare reforms 
– Support for rural healthcare
– Strict immigration policies to address drug trafficking
EndorsementEndorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential campaign
Political AffiliationRepublican Party

Jeff Colyer Healthcare and Rural Advocacy

As a physician, Colyer’s focus on healthcare is evident. He has been vocal about the need for healthcare reforms, emphasizing the importance of patient and doctor-led decisions. “We need to allow patients and their doctors, not bureaucrats, to determine healthcare decisions,” Colyer stated, highlighting his belief in personalized healthcare over bureaucratic control.

His advocacy extends to rural healthcare, a sector he believes was significantly supported by Trump during the pandemic. Colyer noted, “President Trump saved hundreds of small rural hospitals from collapse during the pandemic.” This statement underscores his commitment to ensuring healthcare accessibility, even in the most remote areas.

Colyer’s Perspective on Trump’s Health Policy:

  • He views Trump as potentially the most transformative health innovator.
  • Notes Trump’s 2016 promises on health insurance and Medicare.
  • Acknowledges Trump’s openness to reductions in federal safety-net programs and his controversial COVID-19 treatment suggestions.

Immigration Stance

Colyer’s political views also encompass strong opinions on immigration. He supports stringent measures to control drug trafficking, particularly in relation to the opioid crisis. His endorsement of Trump’s immigration policies aligns with his belief that securing the nation’s borders is crucial for tackling the drug epidemic.

Jeff Colyer Endorses Trump in 2024 Presidential Campaign

Colyer’s endorsement of Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential campaign is rooted in his belief in Trump’s ability to reform healthcare. He expressed, “As a physician, cancer survivor, and former governor, I’m endorsing Donald J. Trump for president. The biggest reason why is for all that he will do to fix healthcare in America.” This endorsement reflects Colyer’s confidence in Trump’s policies, especially regarding healthcare and Medicare.

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Impact of Trump’s Policies

Colyer’s support for Trump is not without its complexities. While he praises Trump’s healthcare policies, the broader impact of Trump’s tenure, including the increase in uninsured Americans and controversial COVID-19 treatment suggestions, paints a more nuanced picture.

Trump’s Previous Health Care Policies:

  • Trump pledged to lower healthcare costs and ensure adequate Medicare funding during his 2016 campaign.
  • He was in favor of alternative COVID-19 treatments like UV light and Hydroxychloroquine, which were controversial but had some emerging evidence of efficacy.
  • During Trump’s presidency, the number of uninsured Americans increased by 2.3 million from 2016 to 2019.
  • A record 40 million Americans had health insurance coverage under the ACA as of early 2023.

Who is Jeff Colyer?

Jeff Colyer is an American surgeon and politician who served as the 47th Governor of Kansas from January 31, 2018, to January 14, 2019.

What is Jeff Colyer’s net worth?

As of 2023, Jeff Colyer’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

What are Jeff Colyer’s views on healthcare?

Colyer, being a physician, advocates for healthcare reforms focusing on patient and doctor-led decisions. He believes in reducing bureaucratic control over healthcare.

Did Jeff Colyer endorse Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential campaign?

Yes, Jeff Colyer endorsed Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential campaign, citing Trump’s potential to reform healthcare in America.

What is Jeff Colyer’s stance on rural healthcare?

Colyer has emphasized the importance of rural healthcare, crediting Trump with saving many small rural hospitals during the pandemic and advocating for further improvements in this area.

What are Jeff Colyer’s views on immigration?

Colyer supports strict immigration policies, particularly to control drug trafficking and address the opioid crisis.

What political offices has Jeff Colyer held?

Jeff Colyer served as the lieutenant governor of Kansas under Governor Sam Brownback and then as the Governor of Kansas.

What was a significant challenge in Jeff Colyer’s political career?

A notable challenge in Colyer’s career was his narrow defeat in the 2018 primary for a full term as governor, losing to Kris Kobach, who had Trump’s endorsement.

How does Jeff Colyer view Trump’s impact on healthcare?

Colyer believes Trump has a strong track record in healthcare, particularly in protecting Medicare and lowering healthcare costs.

What educational background does Jeff Colyer have?

Jeff Colyer’s educational background includes a degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine, along with studies at Georgetown University and Clare Hall.

Jeff Colyer’s political stance, particularly his endorsement of Trump, reflects his priorities as a healthcare professional and a politician. His net worth, while a measure of his success, is just one aspect of a career devoted to public service and healthcare advocacy. His views on healthcare reform, rural healthcare support, and immigration policies offer insight into the principles guiding his political decisions

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