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Kim Reynolds Net Worth: From Private School Choice Bill to Nurse Education

Kim Reynolds Net Worth

Governor Kim Reynolds, a prominent figure in Iowa’s politics, has garnered attention not just for her policies but also for her financial standing. As the leader of Iowa, her net worth is a topic of interest, reflecting the financial aspect of a career in public service.

Born in 1959 in Saint Charles, Iowa, Reynolds’ journey from a small-town girl to the Governor’s office is marked by determination. She married Kevin Reynolds in 1982 and pursued her education later in life, earning a degree from Iowa State University in 2016. Her parents, Charles and Audrey Strawn, played a significant role in her upbringing.

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Reynolds’ political career began in the Iowa Senate (2009-2010), followed by her role as the Lieutenant Governor of Iowa (2011–2017). In 2017, she ascended to the Governor’s office, showcasing her commitment to the Republican Party’s ideals.

Recognition: Iowa jumped 13 places in the Heritage Foundation’s “Education Freedom Report card,” ranking ninth this year, primarily due to this law.

Endorsement: Reynolds endorsed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president, noting similarities in legislative priorities between Iowa and Florida.

Kim Reynolds: A Biographical Snapshot

Full NameKim Reynolds
Date of BirthBorn on August 4, 1959
Age64 years, (As of 2023)
BirthplaceSt. Charles, Iowa, U.S
Height5 feet 6 inches
WeightApproximately 60 Kg
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorLight brown
ParentsFather: Charles Strawn
Mother: Audrey Strawn
SpouseMarried to Kevin Reynolds (since 1982)
ChildrenJennifer, Nicole, and Jessica
Education– High School: Interstate 35 Community School District (1977)
– Bachelor of Liberal Studies: Iowa State University (2016)
Political Career– First female Governor of Iowa (since 2017)
– Clarke County Treasurer
– Member of the Iowa Senate
– Lieutenant Governor of Iowa
Net WorthEstimated around $31 million USD
Salary$130,000 annually
Political AffiliationsRepublican
Social Media HandlesInstagram, Twitter
ResidenceTerrace Hill, USA
Same-Sex Marriage StanceDescribed same-sex marriage as a “settled” issue post-Obergefell v. Hodges decision
Free Expression in UniversitiesSigned a bill in 2019 to protect intellectual freedom and free expression in public universities

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Kim Reynolds Net Worth and Assets

Reynolds has an estimated net worth of $31 million. This figure is a result of her career in politics, smart investments, and personal assets. Her role as Governor brings in an annual salary of $130,000.00. Salary2 – 135,000.00, Travel – 3669.07. While this is a notable amount, it’s just a part of her overall financial picture. 

Reynolds owns several properties, including homes in Iowa, Washington, and New York. These homes are not just assets but also connect her to important political and economic centers. She has an impressive collection of cars, featuring luxury brands like Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Mercedes AMG GT-R. This collection showcases her taste for quality and luxury.

Kim Reynolds Private School Scholarships Education Bill Iowa

This legislation marks a significant shift in Iowa’s education policy, emphasizing private school scholarships and sparking debate over the allocation of public funds and the impact on public education.

Passage of the Bill

  • House Vote: The bill was passed by the House with a 55-45 vote, despite opposition from nine Republicans.
  • Senate Vote: The Senate followed with a 31-18 vote.
  • Governor’s Reaction: Governor Reynolds expressed her excitement about the bill’s passage and planned to sign it into law.

Bill Details

  • House File 68: The bill will phase in over three years, allowing Iowa families to use up to $7,598 per year in an “education savings account” for private school tuition.
  • Additional Uses: Remaining funds can be used for educational expenses like textbooks, tutoring, and online programs.
  • Cost: The program is expected to cost $345 million annually by its fourth year.

Controversies and Policies

Reynolds’ tenure has not been without controversy. Her recent endorsement of a private school scholarship program, which allows families to use state-funded accounts for private school costs, has sparked debate. Critics, like Mike Beranek, President of the Iowa State Education Association, argue that such policies weaken public schools. Reynolds, however, sees this as a step towards improving education standards.

Kim Reynolds on Nurse Education

Another notable controversy involved her comments on nurses’ education. During a debate, she questioned why workers like nurses, who “may not have sought a college education,” should pay off others’ student loans. This statement drew criticism from the nursing community, highlighting a gap in understanding the profession’s educational requirements.

Personal Challenges

On a personal front, Reynolds’ husband, Kevin, was diagnosed with lung cancer, a situation she faces with optimism and faith. Her family, including three daughters and 11 grandchildren, all educated in public schools, remains her support system.

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  • Late Bloomer in Education: Kim Reynolds stands out for completing her college degree later in life. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in public administration from Iowa State University in 2016, after she had already become Iowa’s Lieutenant Governor. This achievement is a testament to her belief in lifelong learning and breaking the conventional timeline of education.
  • First Female Governor of Iowa: Reynolds made history by becoming the first female Governor of Iowa. Her ascension to this role in 2017 broke a significant gender barrier in the state’s political landscape, setting a precedent for future female leaders in Iowa.
  • A Passion for Sobriety Advocacy: Reynolds has been open about her past struggles with alcoholism, which led to legal troubles earlier in her life. Her journey to sobriety has been a powerful influence in her advocacy for substance abuse awareness and treatment programs. This personal experience adds a unique dimension to her political persona, emphasizing empathy and resilience.
  • Agricultural Roots: Before her foray into politics, Reynolds worked in the agricultural sector. Her early career included roles in the Clarke County Treasurer’s Office and the Motor Vehicle Division of the Iowa Department of Transportation, reflecting her deep roots in Iowa’s predominant agricultural community.
  • National Leadership Roles: Beyond Iowa, Reynolds has taken on significant national roles. She served as the chair of the Governor’s Biofuels Coalition, highlighting her commitment to renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, key issues in Iowa and beyond.

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Reflections and Future Directions

Reynolds’ journey is a blend of political ambition, personal resilience, and controversial decisions. Her story reflects the complexities of balancing public service with personal beliefs and the challenges that come with leadership roles.

In her own words, Reynolds emphasizes the importance of choice in education, stating, “We are raising standards across the board.” Her stance on education and other policies continues to shape Iowa’s political and social climate.

How did Kim Reynolds make her money?

Kim Reynolds earned her income primarily through her roles in public service, including her tenure as Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, along with earlier positions in state and county government.

What is Kim Reynolds’ school choice bill?

Governor Reynolds’ school choice bill advocates for state-funded scholarships to help families afford private school education, aiming to expand educational options beyond the public school system.

Where do Kim Reynolds’ grandchildren go to school?

Kim Reynolds’ grandchildren are educated in public schools, as she has mentioned in her public statements.

Why did Kim Reynolds say nurses don’t go to college?

Kim Reynolds’ comment about nurses not going to college was part of a debate on student loan forgiveness, suggesting a misunderstanding of the educational requirements for the nursing profession.

As she navigates her husband’s health challenges and the state’s educational reforms, Reynolds remains a figure of interest in American politics, embodying the spirit of leadership amid adversity and debate.

Disclaimer: The data and net worth figure provided is an estimate and subject to change.

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