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Never Back Down Gains Strong Support from 99 County Chairs in Iowa for Ron DeSantis’s Presidential Campaign

Never Back Down Gains Strong Support from 99 County Chairs in Iowa

In a significant move bolstering Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential aspirations, Never Back Down has declared the endorsement of 99 County Chairs across Iowa in support of his candidacy. 

This announcement adds to the growing backing from caucus goers, state legislators, and law enforcement entities throughout the state. The strategic support from these County Chairs is expected to contribute to the organization and mobilization of counties, aiming to secure victory for Governor DeSantis in the upcoming Iowa caucuses.

DeSantis’s campaign efforts have also included a comprehensive tour across all 99 Iowa counties, showcasing his commitment to engaging with a wide range of voters. During one of his stops in Atlantic, Iowa, he participated in a meet and greet event, a move that resonated positively with residents. Many expressed appreciation for presidential candidates making an effort to connect with rural areas often overshadowed by city-centric campaign events.

The headquarters of Never Back Down, situated in West Des Moines, released the list of County Chairs spanning all 99 counties, underscoring their unwavering support for DeSantis’s presidential bid. These chairs are set to play a pivotal role in orchestrating grassroots efforts and galvanizing local communities to propel DeSantis to victory in the Iowa caucuses.

The full list of County Chairs is below:

  • Adair – Ryan Frederick
  • Adams – Bobbi Baker-Maynes
  • Allamakee – Joe Manning
  • Appanoose – Gary Anderson
  • Appanoose – Mark Chelgren
  • Audubon – Shawn Robinson
  • Benton – Tim Busch
  • Black Hawk – Ben Woods
  • Boone – Kay Rice
  • Boone – Shawn Bryant
  • Bremer – Brady Sauerbrei
  • Buchanan – Clayton Ohrt
  • Buena Vista – Kay Quirk
  • Butler – Bonnie Koop
  • Calhoun – Cathy Voith
  • Calhoun – Jessica Pearson
  • Carroll – Donna Alfers
  • Cass – Douglas Steele
  • Cedar – Al Kroeger
  • Cedar – Brian Wilkins
  • Cerro Gordo – Gabe Haugland
  • Cherokee – Ramona Nitz
  • Chickasaw – Todd Becker
  • Clarke – Adam Ramsey
  • Clarke – Jim ‘Doc’ Hume
  • Clay – Andrea Crew
  • Clayton – Ben Wikner
  • Clinton – Bill Koeppel
  • Crawford – James Steinkuehler
  • Dallas – Charles Schneider
  • Dallas – Joel & Kelsey Kurtinitis
  • Dallas – Scott Bates
  • Davis – Lora Wuthrich
  • Decatur – Dick Hines
  • Delaware – David Marks
  • Des Moines – Terry Davis
  • Des Moines – Tom Greene
  • Dickinson – Cami Wills
  • Dubuque – Matt Giese
  • Emmet – Harry Saftlas
  • Fayette – Mark Putney
  • Floyd – Michael Downey
  • Franklin – Pamela Shaw
  • Fremont – Rosemary Gordon
  • Greene – Bob Hamilton
  • Grundy – Dale Akkerman
  • Guthrie – Carter Nordman
  • Hamilton – Jacob Handsaker
  • Hancock – Gerald Edgar
  • Hardin – Delores Ymker
  • Harrison – Mary Hamer
  • Henry – Jackie Tansey
  • Howard – Gene Peterson
  • Humboldt – Joyce Schmidt
  • Ida – Allison Kinney
  • Iowa – Dwayne Gragg
  • Jackson – Monica Jamie McHugh
  • Jasper – Brandon Talsma
  • Jasper – Jon Dunwell
  • Jefferson – Rachel Clark
  • Johnson – Jackson Rude
  • Johnson – John Canady
  • Johnson – Joyce Ann Ward
  • Johnson – Marcy DeFrance
  • Jones – Garry Lee Zumbach
  • Jones – Judy Tuetkin
  • Keokuk – Brian Eakins
  • Kossuth – Steve Smith
  • Lee – Dorothy Cackley
  • Linn – Eric & Ann Rosenthal
  • Linn – Jonah Costache
  • Louisa – Tom Sands
  • Lucas – Felix Onuora
  • Lucas – Sharon Deaver
  • Lyon – Dwight Mogler
  • Madison – Landon Keim
  • Mahaska – Guy Vander Linden
  • Marion – Tim Kauzlarich
  • Marshall – Jarrett Heil
  • Mills – Jack Sayers
  • Mitchell – Waylon Brown
  • Monona – Julie Feige
  • Monroe – John Hyde
  • Montgomery – Jack Bell
  • Muscatine – Bob Miller
  • O’Brien – Pete Van Velzen
  • Osceola – Mindy Nasers
  • Page – Jeff Clark
  • Palo Alto – Bill Berg
  • Plymouth – Don Kass
  • Pocahontas – Elsie Moore
  • Polk – Michael Bahrt
  • Polk – Roger Rowland
  • Pottawattamie – Naomi Corrie
  • Poweshiek – Bryce DeKoning
  • Ringgold – Tyler Jones
  • Sac – Mark Jansma
  • Scott – Ross Paustian
  • Shelby – Sarah Greer
  • Sioux – Gary Vander Hart
  • Story – Mary Warren
  • Tama – Mark Doland
  • Taylor – Devon Wood
  • Union – Laura & Jerry Hartman
  • Van Buren – Troy Scheurmann
  • Wapello – Blake Smith
  • Warren – Annette Hatch
  • Washington – Matt Wells
  • Wayne – Joel Hanes
  • Wayne – Keith Davis
  • Webster – Caitlin Stucky
  • Winnebago – Henry Stone
  • Winneshiek – Mark Oltrogge
  • Woodbury – Nicole Cleveland
  • Worth – Richard Baird
  • Wright – Dan Watkins

DeSantis’s tour is meticulously designed to foster direct connections with voters and exhibit his commitment to engaging with all Iowans. Notably, he has visited 38 counties so far, including Atlantic, Cass, Shelby, and Adair. This approach resonates with his belief that candidates should meet people on their turf, as he expressed, “This is the way it should be, candidates coming to the people.”

Ron DeSantis’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by the public and the media. In light of his dedication to meeting voters in person and addressing their concerns, he has garnered favorable attention. He emphasized, “What you have to do is you have to win a majority of the delegates… I think we’re ahead of where we thought we would be, thus far.” This positive assessment speaks to the impact of his ongoing tour.

DeSantis also discussed the themes he has been addressing during his tour, including the economy and education. “I think they’ve been right on the money, I think these things are just things that need to be tackled,” he stated, reflecting his determination to prioritize key issues that resonate with voters.

While DeSantis’s campaign has experienced its share of challenges, including leadership changes and fundraising obstacles, his dynamic approach in Iowa is yielding results. The backing of County Chairs, his extensive tour, and his personal interactions with Iowans reflect his commitment to winning over voters in the competitive Iowa caucuses.

As DeSantis’s “Never Back Down Tour” continues to make its way through the Hawkeye State, his strategic engagement with voters is poised to shape the dynamics of the presidential race, positioning him as a serious contender in the 2024 election.

“What you have to do is you have to win a majority of the delegates, you know,” DeSantis told reporters during a stop in Cedar County’s Tipton Family Restaurant. “I think we’re ahead of where we thought we would be, thus far.”

“I think they've been right on the money, I think these things are just things that need to be tackled," DeSantis said.

The statewide tour continues to draw attention as DeSantis focuses on meeting the needs and concerns of the people, bringing his campaign to life on the ground in communities across Iowa.

Disclaimer: This article may contain the viewpoint and opinion of the author.

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