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Candidate Perry Johnson in Mason City, Iowa on May 16

Perry Johnson

Join us for an exciting evening with Perry Johnson, a presidential candidate, at our upcoming event, Pints with Perry Johnson. Enjoy Perry’s Two Cents plan, get a free signed copy of Two Cents to Save America, and take advantage of the free happy hour! This is a FREE event that you wouldn’t want to miss!

About the Host:

Is there any profession more in need of quality than government? Join Quality Guru Perry Johnson as he tours Michigan and shares why he’s the statistician, not the politician, for the job. Hire the Guru for Governor.

Perry Johnson Event Details:


Pints with Perry Johnson is happening on Tuesday, May 16 at 3 PM CDT at The Sports Page of Mason City located at 100 South Federal Avenue, Mason City, IA 50401.

Event Highlights:

At Pints with Perry Johnson, you will have the opportunity to hear Perry’s Two Cents plan and get a free signed copy of Two Cents to Save America. Also, enjoy a free Happy Hour!

Event Invite:

Join Perry Johnson for an evening of great conversation, free drinks, and an informative discussion about his plan to save America. This event is open to everyone, so bring your friends and family along! We hope to see you there!

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