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RNC Announces Committee on Arrangements Co-Chairman and Members for the 2024 Republican National Convention

Republican National Convention

In a recent announcement, the Republican National Committee (RNC) revealed the key appointments for the Committee on Arrangements (COA) for the highly anticipated 2024 Republican National Convention, set to take place in Milwaukee

This report explores the significance of these appointments and the crucial roles these individuals will play in planning and executing the convention. It also discusses the RNC’s commitment to creating a memorable and impactful event, showcasing the party’s vision and goals.

Appointments for the Committee on Arrangements

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel unveiled the team that will collaborate with COA Chair Anne Hathaway for the 2024 Republican National Convention. One notable appointment is Maryland National Committeeman David Bossie, who will serve as Co-Chair. Bossie, elected to the RNC in 2016, currently holds the position of Chairman of the Committee’s Temporary Committee on Presidential Debates. His experience and expertise make him an invaluable addition to the team.

Wisconsin, the state hosting the convention, is prominently represented on the committee. State Republican Party Chairman Brian Schimming, Michael Best Strategies LLC Partner Tom Schreibel, and National Committeewoman Maripat Krueger have been selected to serve on the Committee on Arrangements. Their deep knowledge of Wisconsin and its political landscape will contribute to creating a successful event that highlights the state’s attractions and values.

Additional notable positions include Kentucky National Committeewoman KC Crosbie as treasurer, Alabama National Committeewoman Vicki Drummond as secretary, and Ron Kaufman as general chairman. The composition of the committee reflects the RNC’s commitment to a diverse and capable leadership team that can effectively oversee the convention planning and execution.

The COA’s leadership is appointed by Chairwoman McDaniel and will lead the committee comprised of at least one member of the RNC from each state. Individual state appointments to the COA are listed below.

Committee For 2024 Republican National Convention:

  • Ann S. Brown, AK
  • John Wahl, AL
  • Vicki Drummond, AL
  • Cody Hiland, AR
  • Amata Radewagen, AS
  • Jeff DeWit, AZ
  • Jessica Patterson, CA
  • Vera Ortegon, CO
  • John Frey, CT
  • Leora R. Levy, CT
  • Patrick Mara, DC
  • Henry “Hank” McCann, DE
  • Christian Ziegler, FL
  • Ginger Howard, GA
  • Mary Michelle “Shelly” Gibson, GU
  • Gene Ward, HI
  • Stephen Scheffler, IA
  • Tamara Scott, IA
  • Jeff Kaufmann, IA
  • Cindy Siddoway, ID
  • Demetra DeMonte, IL
  • John Hammond, IN
  • Anne Hathaway, IN
  • Kim Borchers, KS
  • KC Crosbie, KY
  • Roger Villere, LA
  • Ron Kaufman, MA
  • Janet Fogarty, MA
  • Nicole Harris, MD
  • David Bossie, MD
  • Ellie Espling, ME
  • Kathy Berden, MI
  • Barb Sutter, MN
  • Carrie Almond, MO
  • Candace Celis, MP
  • Frank Bordeaux, MS
  • Debra Lamm, MT
  • Kyshia Brassington, NC
  • Michael Whatley, NC
  • Shane Goettle, ND
  • J.L. Spray, NE
  • Bill O’Brien, NH
  • Chris Ager, NH
  • Juliana Bergeron, NH
  • Virginia Haines, NJ
  • Tina Dziuk, NM
  • Jim DeGraffenreid, NV
  • Michael McDonald, NV
  • Sigal Chattah, NV
  • Jennifer Rich, NY
  • Jim Dicke, OH
  • Steve Curry, OK
  • Tracy Honl, OR
  • Andrew “Andy” Reilly, PA
  • Luis Fortuño, PR
  • Joe Powers, RI
  • Glenn McCall, SC
  • Cindy Costa, SC
  • Drew McKissick, SC
  • Sandye Kading, SD
  • Scott Golden, TN
  • Toni Anne Dashiell, TX
  • Robert Axson, UT
  • Rich Anderson, VA
  • Jevon Williams, VI
  • Suzanne Butterfield, VT
  • Marlene Pfeifer, WA
  • Tom Schreibel, WI
  • Maripat Krueger, WI
  • Brian Schimming, WI
  • Larry Pack, WV
  • Corey Steinmetz, WY

Significance of Appointments

The appointments to the Committee on Arrangements signify the RNC’s dedication to hosting a world-class event that leaves a lasting impact. Chairwoman McDaniel emphasized the months of hard work invested in creating a memorable convention experience, and these appointments are a testament to the meticulous planning and strategic vision behind the event.

By selecting individuals with a strong track record and expertise in various areas of political engagement, the RNC aims to ensure the convention’s success. The inclusion of Wisconsin representatives underscores the importance of highlighting the state’s rich heritage and serves as a platform to promote the Republican Party’s message on a national scale.

Commitment to a Memorable Convention

Chairwoman Anne Hathaway expressed her enthusiasm for working with the appointed team, recognizing their impressive leadership qualities. Under Chairwoman McDaniel’s guidance, this talented group of RNC members will work tirelessly to create a world-class experience for grassroots conservatives attending the convention and officially nominate the next President of the United States.

The RNC’s commitment to a memorable convention is evident in its emphasis on meticulous planning, collaboration, and showcasing the very best of the Republican Party. By creating an impactful and memorable event, the RNC aims to engage and inspire attendees, while also capturing the attention of the nation.

The recent appointments for the Committee on Arrangements of the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee reflect the RNC’s dedication to hosting a memorable and impactful event. With key figures such as Co-Chair David Bossie and representatives from Wisconsin, the RNC has assembled a capable team that will work diligently to create a world-class experience for grassroots conservatives and elevate the Republican Party’s vision and goals.

The convention, scheduled for July 15-18, 2024, will serve as a platform to showcase the very best of the Republican Party and set the stage for the nomination of the next Republican Presidential nominee. By leveraging the expertise and leadership of the appointed individuals, the RNC is poised to deliver a historic convention that resonates with attendees and captures the attention of the nation.

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