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New Hampshire Republican Representative Sandra Panek Endorses Donald Trump After Disappointing DeSantis Campaign Launch


Panek’s endorsement flip aligns with another New Hampshire Republican, highlighting challenges for DeSantis

New Hampshire State Representative Sandra Panek, a prominent Republican figure, has reversed her support from Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and announced her endorsement of former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential election. Panek cited her dissatisfaction with DeSantis’ campaign launch on Twitter Spaces as the primary reason for her decision. She emphasized the importance of a candidate’s ability to effectively run their campaign, stating that it reflects their capability to run the country.

Sandra Panek Endorses Trump:

In a press release distributed by the Trump campaign, Panek expressed her disappointment with DeSantis’ official announcement, stating, “We can’t expect someone to run the country if they can’t properly run their own campaign launch.” Panek went on to describe DeSantis as “unreliable” and emphasized Trump’s status as a proven winner. This endorsement flip comes shortly after another New Hampshire Republican Representative, Juliet Harvey-Bolia, withdrew her dual endorsement and pledged full support for President Trump.

Panek’s decision to switch her endorsement highlights the challenges faced by DeSantis in his campaign. The issues experienced during his Twitter Spaces event, including technical difficulties that prevented Panek and others from hearing his speech, contributed to her lack of confidence in DeSantis’ abilities. Panek criticized the chaotic nature of the campaign launch and expressed her preference for Trump’s experience and track record.

The endorsement flip by Panek and the alignment with Harvey-Bolia’s support for Trump signal potential difficulties for DeSantis within the New Hampshire Republican community. The move suggests a growing preference for Trump among prominent Republican figures in the state, which could impact DeSantis’ ability to garner support and establish a strong base.

In response to Panek’s endorsement, the Trump campaign welcomed the news, emphasizing the significance of her decision. The endorsement further strengthens Trump’s position in the GOP primary race, where he already leads DeSantis by double digits in numerous polls.

Meanwhile, the DeSantis campaign has experienced internal changes in the aftermath of the campaign launch issues. Reports from The National Pulse indicate a “shake-up” in Tallahassee, with long-time advisor Phil Cox departing after a rumored disagreement with campaign chief strategist Jeff Roe. This shake-up suggests that DeSantis is taking steps to address the challenges and criticisms arising from the campaign launch, aiming to regroup and reposition himself in the race.

As the 2024 GOP primary unfolds, the endorsement flip by Representative Sandra Panek and the support from Juliet Harvey-Bolia signal a shifting landscape within the Republican Party. While DeSantis faces obstacles stemming from his campaign launch issues, Trump maintains a significant lead in the polls, solidifying his position as a frontrunner. The endorsement of influential figures like Panek reflects the broader sentiment among Republicans and highlights the uphill battle that DeSantis must overcome to compete successfully in the primary.

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