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Ted Budd Net Worth: Pro-Life Business, Politics Views, and Personal Beliefs

Ted Budd Net Worth

Last updated on November 30th, 2023 at 04:42 am

Ted Budd Net Worth

Ted Budd, a notable figure in North Carolina’s political landscape, as of 2023, Ted Budd net worth is estimated to be around $8.6 million. This makes him one of the wealthier U.S. politicians. His wealth has been accumulated through his career as a legislator and his business ventures. As a congressman, Budd earns a salary of at least $174,000 per year.

Early Life and Education

Born on October 21, 1971, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Budd’s early life was rooted in a rural setting. He grew up on a farm outside of Advance, North Carolina, a background that likely shaped his later political views and policies. 

Budd educational journey took him to Appalachian State University, where he earned a degree in 1994. He didn’t stop there; Budd furthered his education with an MBA from Wake Forest University School of Business and a master’s degree in theology and educational leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Ted Budd Personal Life

Budd’s personal life is marked by a strong sense of family and community. He met his future wife, Amy Kate, on a student mission to Russia in 1991. The couple married and have three children. They reside on the family farm in Davie County, maintaining the rural roots that have been a significant part of Budd’s life.

Ted Budd live in Davie County on the farm where Budd was raised. Budd homeschools his children and serves as an assistant scoutmaster in his son’s Boy Scout troop.

Ted Budd Family

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Ted Budd: Biography Overview

Full NameTheodore Paul Budd
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1971
Age52 years, (As of 2023)
Height5’10 inches
BirthplaceWinston-Salem, North Carolina
Current ResidenceFamily farm in Davie County, North Carolina
ParentsFather: Not Known
Mother: Not Known
WifeAmy Kate Adams
Net Worth (2023)Estimated around $8.6 million (as of 2023)
Career– Businessperson
– U.S. Representative for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District
– U.S. Senator from North Carolina (elected)
Business VenturesOwner of ProShots, a gun store and shooting range in Rural Hall, North Carolina
Education– Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Appalachian State University
– MBA, Wake Forest University School of Business
– Master’s in Theology and Educational Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary
Social MediaTwitter, Instagram
Key Political Views– Strong supporter of the Second Amendment
– Opponent of abortion
– Advocates for state rights in abortion legislation
– Co-sponsored “Justice for Angel Families Act”
Community Involvement– Assistant scoutmaster in son’s Boy Scout troop
– Homeschools his children
Political AffiliationRepublican

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Ted Budd Business Ventures

A key contributor to Budd’s net worth is his ownership of ProShots, a gun shop and shooting range in North Carolina. This business is valued between $1-5 million. As reported by Business Insider, “His stake in ProShots…is valued between $1 million and $5 million.” This venture reflects not only his entrepreneurial spirit but also his staunch support for the Second Amendment.

NRA Support: The National Rifle Association (NRA) has supported Budd, contributing to his political campaigns in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

Additionally, the Budd family provided a $10 million loan to AgriBioTech, which was repaid with interest totaling more than $25,000 before the business declared bankruptcy.

Ted Budd Political Career

Budd’s political journey is somewhat unconventional. With no prior political experience, he won a congressional seat, representing North Carolina’s 13th congressional district. His grassroots efforts led to this surprising victory. As a congressman, Budd earns a salary of at least $174,000 per year. He is a member of the Freedom Caucus and serves on the Financial Services Committee.

Political Views and Policies

Budd’s political stance is firmly conservative. He is a vocal opponent of abortion, co-sponsoring a House version of a national 15-week abortion ban. His alignment with former President Donald Trump is also a defining aspect of his political identity. In an interview, Budd stated, “Trump won North Carolina twice, and an in-person rally is helpful,” highlighting his belief in Trump’s influence in the state.

His recent co-sponsorship of the “Justice for Angel Families Act” further cements his conservative views on immigration. This bill aims to support families of victims killed by illegal immigrants, reflecting his stance on immigration and law enforcement.

Stance on Gun Policies: Budd is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. His Senate campaign website emphasizes that any encroachment on the Second Amendment would not stop criminals but would undermine the ability to defend oneself and protect one’s family. He has spoken against attempts to expand background checks for gun sales, stating that such laws would make families less safe and be ignored by criminals.

  • Mission Trip Connection: Ted Budd’s life took a significant turn on a student mission trip to Russia in 1991. It was on this trip that he met his future wife, Amy Kate. This encounter not only led to a lifelong partnership but also marked the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead him into the world of politics.
  • Agricultural Roots: Budd’s upbringing on a 300-acre farm in Davie County, North Carolina, wasn’t just a backdrop to his childhood; it instilled in him a deep understanding of agricultural issues and rural life. This background has influenced his political perspectives, especially on matters related to farming and rural communities.
  • Educational Diversity: Budd’s educational background is notably diverse. He holds a degree in business administration, an MBA, and a master’s in theology and educational leadership. This combination of business acumen and theological study provides a unique blend that shapes his approach to both policy and personal interactions.
  • Scouting Involvement: Beyond his political and business endeavors, Budd is actively involved in his community as an assistant scoutmaster in his son’s Boy Scout troop. This role highlights his commitment to youth development and community service.
  • Homeschooling Advocate: Budd and his wife have chosen to homeschool their children, a decision that underscores their commitment to family and education. This personal choice reflects a broader educational perspective that Budd brings to his political discussions.
  • Business Insider Recognition: Budd’s gun store, ProShots, has not only contributed significantly to his net worth but also garnered attention from publications like Business Insider. This recognition underscores the success of his entrepreneurial ventures outside of politics.

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Ted Bud Trump

Donald Trump’s endorsement played a crucial role in Budd’s victory in a contested primary for the open Senate race the previous year. This mutual support highlights the political alliance between Trump and Budd. So Senator Ted Budd’s endorsement of former President Donald Trump for his presidential campaign:

Endorsement Announcement: On April 13, 2023, Senator Ted Budd, R-N.C., officially endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Budd became the seventh GOP senator to do so.

Budd’s Statement: In his endorsement, Senator Budd stated, “Hardworking, everyday families need a return of the America First agenda to restore prosperity and peace.” This statement underscores his support for Trump’s policies and vision for the country.

Growing Congressional Support for Trump: Along with Budd, six other senators have backed Trump, including notable figures like Mississippi’s Cindy Hyde Smith and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham. Trump also has endorsements from about three dozen House members.

Ted Bud and Trump

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Who is Ted Budd?

Ted Budd is an American politician and businessperson. He served as the U.S. representative for North Carolina’s 13th congressional district and was elected as a Republican senator from North Carolina. He’s known for his conservative views and business ventures, including owning a gun store and shooting range.

Is Laura Budd related to Ted Budd?

No, Laura Budd and Ted Budd are not related. Despite sharing the same last name and both being involved in North Carolina politics, they come from different backgrounds and have no family ties.

Where does Ted Budd live?

Ted Budd lives on a family farm in Davie County, North Carolina. This is the same farm where he grew up, located outside of Advance, North Carolina.

What does Ted Budd stand for?

Ted Budd stands for conservative principles, including strong support for the Second Amendment, opposition to abortion, and a firm stance on immigration. He is also a proponent of state rights in matters like abortion legislation.

What is Ted Budd’s net worth?

As of 2023, Ted Budd’s net worth is estimated to be around $8.6 million. This includes his earnings as a congressman, his business ventures, and his ownership of ProShots, a gun store and shooting range.

What business does Ted Budd own?

Ted Budd owns ProShots, a gun store and shooting range located in Rural Hall, North Carolina. This business is valued between $1-5 million.

What is Ted Budd’s educational background?

Ted Budd holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Appalachian State University, an MBA from Wake Forest University School of Business, and a master’s degree in theology and educational leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Has Ted Budd taken a stance on abortion?

Yes, Ted Budd is a vocal opponent of abortion. He co-sponsored a House version of a national 15-week abortion ban and has expressed his support for restrictive abortion laws.

What bill did Ted Budd co-sponsor regarding victims of illegal immigrants?

Ted Budd co-sponsored the “Justice for Angel Families Act,” which aims to support families of victims killed by illegal immigrants and reinstates the VOICE Office at the Department of Homeland Security.

What role does Ted Budd play in his local community?

Ted Budd is actively involved in his local community, serving as an assistant scoutmaster in his son’s Boy Scout troop. He also advocates for homeschooling, as he and his wife homeschool their children.

Ted Budd’s net worth, combined with his early life, personal life, business ventures, and political career, paints a picture of a self-made individual who has navigated various realms with success. His conservative views and policies resonate with a significant portion of North Carolina’s electorate, making him a prominent figure in the state’s political scene. His journey from a farm in North Carolina to the halls of Congress is a testament to his determination and commitment to his beliefs and constituents.

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