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Tim Scott receives 140 endorsements from elected officials throughout South Carolina.

Tim Scott endorsement

Tim Scott, the esteemed public figure, introduced the prominent members who constituted his South Carolina Finance Committee. This committee comprised influential leaders from diverse communities across the Palmetto State. Notably, on Monday, June 12, Tim Scott announced a comprehensive list of endorsements from over 140 elected officials throughout South Carolina.

Expressing deep gratitude for the strong foundation of support within his home state, Tim Scott conveyed his appreciation, stating, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to receive such unwavering support right here in South Carolina. The enthusiasm continues to grow with each passing day, and I eagerly anticipate meeting more supporters on the campaign trail. Together, we will restore faith in America.

Mikee Johnson, National Finance Co-Chair and member of the South Carolina Finance Committee underscored the profound resonance between Tim Scott and South Carolina, affirming, “South Carolina is undoubtedly Tim Scott country. This undeniable fact fills me with immense pride as I stand shoulder to shoulder with these esteemed leaders from across the state, united in our support for Tim Scott’s mission to restore faith in America, faith in one another, and faith in ourselves.

Below is Tim Scott’s South Carolina Finance Committee Officials List:

  • Todd Baldree, Founder, and CEO at KATANA Safety
  • Mike Baur, CEO at ScanSource
  • Laura Baur, Founder at Five Oaks Academy
  • Ryan L. Beasley, Managing Partner at Ryan Beasley Law Firm
  • Stanley B. Bikulege, Chairman & CEO of Novolex
  • Doyce Boesch, Self Employed
  • Furman Brodie, Vice President at Charles Ingram Lumber Co.
  • Peter M. Brown, President, Colite
  • Coleman Buckhouse M.D., Anesthesiologist
  • Keith Buckhouse, Director of Facilities at Synergi
  • Mark W. Buyck Jr., Attorney at Willcox, Buyck & Williams, P.A.
  • Russell Cann, Head of Mining at Core Scientific, Inc.
  • Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr, Co-owners of Titan Farms
  • Robert L. Clement III, President at Clement Development Inc
  • Justin A. Converse, Chairman, and CEO at Converse & Company
  • Judi & Lloyd Coppedge, Partner at Divine Dining of Myrtle Beach LLC.
  • Kathy Crawford, Retired
  • Bart Daniel, Partner at Nelson Mullins Law Firm
  • Stephen L. Davis, CEO, and Chairman at Davis & Floyd Inc.
  • J. Barron Ervin Jr., President at Ervin Engineering
  • Mark C. Escude, Businessman
  • G. Scott Fennell, President, and COO at Fennell Holdings
  • George W. Fennell, Chairman at Fennell Holdings
  • Kirkman Finlay III, Owner of Gonzales Land and Timber
  • Edward Floyd M.D., Floyd Medical Group
  • Geof Gradler, Principal at Acumen DC LLC
  • Joseph P. Griffith Jr., Attorney at Joe Griffith Law Firm LLC
  • Lou Hammond, Chairman and Founder of Lou Hammond Group
  • Lynn Harton, Chairman and CEO of United Community Banks, Inc.
  • Marcelo Hochman M.D., The Facial Surgery Center
  • Matt Hubbell, Attorney at Duffy & Young LLC
  • Phil Hughes, President at Hughes Investments Inc.
  • Lauren Hughes, Community Volunteer
  • Velda Hughes, President & Owner, Hughes Agency
  • Richard Jackson, C.R. Jackson, Inc.
  • Mike Jernigan, Retired
  • Mikee Johnson, CEO at U.S. Brick
  • George D. Johnson Jr., Chairman at The Johnson Group
  • Dave Maness, CEO of Medical Access LLC
  • Vincent J. Marino, CEO of The Marino Group
  • A. Foster McKissick III, CEO at Fairway Automotive Group
  • Kurt E. Moore, CEO at Palmetto Metal Products
  • Scott Montgomery, CEO at WSM Ventures
  • Benjamin W. Navarro, Founder at Beemok Capital
  • J. Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Self Employed
  • Greg Padgett, CFO at Fennell Holdings Inc.
  • Richard M. Pendarvis, Owner, and Operator at Pendarvis Chevrolet
  • Rick Pennell, CEO at Metromont Corp.
  • Zeb Portanova, CEO at GEM Funds
  • Scott E. Porter, Founding CEO at Just Cause Apparel
  • Mary Propes, Chairwoman at VDV Group
  • Troy Propes, CEO at VDV Group
  • Leslie Richardson, Marketing Director at The Richardson Group
  • JR Richardson, President, and CEO at The Richardson Group
  • John M. Rivers, Jr., President at Rivers Enterprises, LLC
  • Danny Rowland, Owner, and CEO at MDR Enterprises, LLC
  • Michael Schraibman, Chairman at Resort Managing and Consulting Group
  • Hank Scott, CEO at Collum’s Lumber Products
  • Stewart Spinks, Chairman and Founder of The Spinx Company
  • Steve Spinks, CEO and President at The Spinx Company
  • Catherine Templeton, President at US Brick
  • John Uprichard, CEO at Find Great People
  • Chad Walldorf, Self Employed
  • John B. White Jr., Attorney at John B. White P.A.
  • Neil Wilson, Partner at Realty Link LLC
  • Tim Wise, Businessman
  • Barry D. Wynn, Principal at Colonial Trust
  • Matt Yaun, President at Yaun Holdings, LLC
  • Anita G. Zucker, Chair of The InterTech Group

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