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Trump Confirms Thursday Surrender Set for Georgia Charges


Former President Donald Trump is making headlines once again as he faces legal troubles in Fulton County, Georgia. In an unexpected turn of events, Trump has announced his plans to travel to Atlanta on Thursday, where he will be arrested following his indictment by a Fulton County grand jury. 

Trump has labeled the indictment as a “witch hunt,” accusing District Attorney Fani Willis of capitalizing on his prosecution for personal gain.

The judge in Fulton County has ruled that Trump’s bond for the case will be set at a staggering $200,000. This case revolves around allegations of election interference tied to District Attorney Fani Willis. 

The clock is ticking for Trump and his co-defendants, with a deadline set for Friday at noon for them to appear at the Fulton County Jail for processing.

The legal storm intensified when District Attorney Fani Willis unveiled her decision to charge Trump and 18 others under the RICO statute. This move stems from actions and statements made during the 2020 presidential election, adding another layer of complexity to the already intricate case.

However, criticism has been mounting against District Attorney Fani Willis for her handling of the prosecution. Her decision to launch a political fundraising site shortly before the indictments raised eyebrows, as did her involvement in a fundraiser benefiting the Democratic opponent of a Republican state lawmaker targeted in one of her investigations. These actions have cast a shadow over the impartiality of the case.

As reported by Breitbart News, the former president’s bond in the Fulton County case stands at $200,000, a substantial financial commitment.

“The failed District Attorney of Fulton County (Atlanta), Fani Willis, insisted on a $200,000 Bond from me,” Trump mocked in a post on the new Truth Social platform. He humorously speculated about being a “flight” risk and playfully referenced Russia in his post.

The indictment was released late on a Monday night, following a swift grand jury process that evaluated a complex set of allegations involving 19 defendants, including Trump. Joel Pollak’s analysis highlights the rapid pace of this legal development.

District Attorney Fani Willis has outlined a tight schedule, demanding that Trump and his co-defendants turn themselves in by noon on Friday. Arraignments are proposed for the week of September 5, and she aims to bring the case to trial in March of the following year, coinciding with the presidential nominating season’s intensity.

In the customary procedure, defendants not in custody often work with their lawyers and the district attorney’s office to determine a bond amount prior to arraignment. Once set, the bond is approved by a judge. Typically, defendants are booked at the Fulton County jail, involving processes like photography, fingerprinting, and personal information submission. As Trump’s bond has been established, his release will follow the completion of the booking process.

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