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Trump Expresses Interest in Debate with Meghan Markle in Hugh Hewitt Interview

Trump shows interest in Meghan Markle Interview

Last updated on November 15th, 2023 at 12:30 am

Former President Donald Trump has made headlines once again, this time expressing his keen interest in engaging in a lively debate with Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry. The development comes after radio host Hugh Hewitt posed a question to Trump during a recent interview.

Trump, in response to Hewitt’s query about the possibility of sitting down with Prince Harry and Meghan to boost ratings, enthusiastically replied, “If you want to set it up, let’s set it up… I’d love to debate her. I would love it.”

This revelation occurred during a conversation between Trump and conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt

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Trump’s eagerness to engage in a debate with Meghan Markle and Harry, known for their open support of progressive political causes, was evident throughout the exchange. Trump even suggested that Hewitt organize such an event, drawing parallels to the highly anticipated ‘Battle of the Sexes’ tennis match in 1973, which captivated an audience of 90 million viewers.

Trump’s interest in this potential debate stems from his disapproval of public statements made by Prince Harry and Meghan regarding the royal family, which he deemed disrespectful. 

In a somewhat nostalgic tone, Trump reminisced about his previous interactions with Queen Elizabeth during his three-day visit to the UK in 2019. 

He praised the Queen as an “incredible woman” and took the opportunity to take a jab at his political opponent, President Joe Biden, stating, “When you watch Biden, you say this is a different planet.”

Another point of contention for Trump was the security arrangements granted to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex upon their arrival in the United States. Trump expressed his disapproval, stating, “I wasn’t fond of the idea that they were granted U.S. security protection upon their arrival here.”

Meanwhile, GOP presidential hopeful Chris Christie criticized Trump’s expressed desire to debate Meghan Markle, highlighting the absence of Trump’s enthusiasm for debating political opponents in the GOP Primary debate. Christie quipped on X social media platform, “Donald Trump wants to debate Meghan Markle but not his opponents? What a joke… I’m sure they’d have a great debate on Spotify.”

As of now, neither Buckingham Palace nor the Duke of Sussex’s office has officially responded to Trump’s interest in debating Meghan Markle. The possibility of such a debate continues to fuel speculation and curiosity, leaving the public wondering whether this meeting of minds will indeed materialize on a larger stage.

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