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Donald Trump to Headline Team Trump’s New Hampshire Headquarters Grand Opening


President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, will make two campaign stops in New Hampshire today. The first will be delivering the headline speech to the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women Lilac Luncheon, an annual tradition of Granite State politics. After that, headline speaker at Team Trump’s New Hampshire Headquarters Grand Opening in Manchester on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. The event is scheduled to start at 2:15 PM EDT.

The grand opening marks an important milestone for the Trump campaign as they establish their presence in New Hampshire.

Team Trump’s NH Headquarters Opening Details:

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2023
Time: 2:15 PM EDT
Venue: Team Trump’s New Hampshire Headquarters, 326 Lincoln Street, Manchester, NH 03103

The live stream is not yet available for this event. Come back in sometime

Full Video: Trump to Headline The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women Lilac Luncheon

Don’t Panic Video will start after 2:30 minutes

Desantis Controversy With NH Federation of Republican Women:

However, a scheduling conflict has emerged between Ron DeSantis, Trump another Republican presidential candidate, and the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women’s annual fundraiser, known as the “Lilac Luncheon.” DeSantis has planned an event that coincides with the fundraiser, leading to disappointment and criticism from the women’s group.

The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women expressed their disappointment with the DeSantis campaign for scheduling an event at the same time as their sold-out fundraising lunch. They viewed it as an attempt to divert attention from their event and highlighted that other candidates had scheduled around it. They requested DeSantis to reschedule but received no apparent response.

The conflict has caused division within the women’s group, with some members publicly disagreeing with the statement released by the organization. One former state lawmaker, Melissa Blasek, even announced her resignation from the group, considering the statement a “cheap campaign stunt” influenced by the Trump campaign.

When asked about the conflict, the DeSantis campaign did not directly address the issue but emphasized the governor’s commitment to reaching every primary voter in New Hampshire. The campaign’s press secretary, Bryan Griffin, expressed confidence in DeSantis’s message resonating with voters and highlighted their strong organization in the state.

The clash between DeSantis and the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women raises strategic concerns. DeSantis has been positioning himself as a more conservative candidate than Trump, aiming to challenge Trump’s dominance within the party. However, such tactics might be politically tricky in New Hampshire, a critical battleground state where Trump’s victory in the 2016 Republican primary propelled him to prominence.

The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women criticized DeSantis for disrupting their annual fundraising lunch, which Trump is headlining. They highlighted that it has always been a New Hampshire tradition to be considerate when scheduling events, and they deemed his decision unprecedented and distracting.

Political observers and strategists have cautioned against such conflicts, stating that challenging grassroots women’s groups in New Hampshire could have negative consequences for DeSantis’s campaign. They emphasized the importance of grassroots support and advised against underestimating the influence and memory of these groups.

As the grand opening of Team Trump’s New Hampshire Headquarters approaches, the clash between DeSantis and the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women adds an element of tension and potential consequences for DeSantis’s campaign. The event itself signifies a significant step for the Trump campaign in establishing its presence in the state and rallying supporters.

Supporters and attendees are encouraged to register online to secure spots and join the New Hampshire Team.


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