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51 N.H. lawmakers endorse DeSantis: Some say they still back Trump, Other say we need Winners

51 lawmakers endorse desantis

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 11:11 pm

Ahead of his expected presidential bid, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has unveiled a powerful endorsement list comprising more than 50 New Hampshire GOP state legislators. These endorsements serve as a testament to DeSantis’ growing influence within the Republican Party and his ambition to pursue higher office. While the majority of lawmakers back DeSantis, there are a few who remain loyal to former President Donald Trump. This blog post delves into the intriguing dynamics of these endorsements, shedding light on the motivations and perspectives of key figures involved.

The Dual Support:

Amidst the wave of endorsements for DeSantis, one state representative conveyed a unique position by backing both DeSantis and former President Donald Trump. In an interview with the Globe, this representative expressed an inclination to support both candidates at this stage of the political landscape, as DeSantis gears up to announce his candidacy for president. This dual endorsement underscores the complexity and strategic considerations involved in navigating the upcoming 2024 primary elections in New Hampshire.

The Shifting Loyalties:

Among the prominent names on the endorsement list was Republican state House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, who had previously served as a delegate for Donald Trump twice. However, Osborne has recently voiced a change in his perspective, indicating that people are growing disillusioned with Trump’s message. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Osborne noted that he believes DeSantis offers a fresh approach and stands a better chance of resonating with voters. This shift in loyalty further underscores the changing dynamics within the Republican Party.

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neverbackdown Endorsement List and Diverse Perspectives:

A political action committee supporting Ron DeSantis released the endorsement list, featuring more than 50 lawmakers from New Hampshire. However, it is important to note that not all lawmakers exclusively support DeSantis. In fact, one state representative interviewed by the Globe stated her endorsement for both DeSantis and Trump, recognizing their individual merits. The divergent viewpoints among these legislators provide insight into the complex decision-making process and the strategic considerations at play.

The New Hampshire Representatives endorsing Governor DeSantis include:

  • House Majority Leader Jason Osborne (Rockingham – District 2)
  • Representative Brian Cole (Hillsborough – District 26)
  • Representative David Lundgren (Rockingham – District 16)
  • Representative Jess Edwards (Rockingham – District 31)
  • Representative Joe Alexander (Hillsborough – District 29)
  • Representative Lisa Post (Hillsborough – District 42)
  • Representative Keith Ammon (Hillsborough – District 42)
  • Representative Dan Hynes (Hillsborough – District 2)
  • Representative Michael Costable Jr (Carroll – District 8)
  • Representative Ralph Boehm (Hillsborough – District 14)
  • Representative Rick Ladd (Grafton – District 5)
  • Representative Leah Cushman (Hillsborough – District 28)
  • Representative Cyril Aures (Merrimack – District 13)
  • Representative Lisa Mazur (Hillsborough – District 44)
  • Representative Sheila Seidel (Hillsborough – District 29)
  • Representative Tom Mannion (Hillsborough – District 1)
  • Representative Andrew Prout (Hillsborough – District 13)
  • Representative Bob Healey (Hillsborough – District 12)
  • Representative Brian Seaworth (Merrimack – District 12)
  • Representative Bill King (Hillsborough – District 43)
  • Representative Sandra Panek (Hillsborough – District 1)
  • Representative Steven Bogert (Belknap – District 5)
  • Representative Jim Creighton (Hillsborough – District 30)
  • Representative Erica Layon (Rockingham – District 13)
  • Representative Matthew Coulon (Grafton – District 5)
  • Representative Kelley Potenza (Strafford – District 19)
  • Representative Lisa Smart (Belknap – District 2)
  • Representative Lex Berezhny (Grafton – District 11)
  • Representative Seth King (Coos – District 4)
  • Representative Yury Polozov (Merrimack – District 10)
  • Representative Juliet Harvey-Bolia (Belknap – District 3)
  • Representative Katelyn Kuttab (Rockingham – District 17)
  • Representative Emily Phillips (Rockingham – District 7)
  • Representative Walter Stapleton (Sullivan – District 6)
  • Representative Debra DiSimone (Rockingham – District 18)
  • Representative Travis Corcoran (Hillsborough – District 44)
  • Representative Troy Merner (Coos – District 1)
  • Representative Skip Rollins (Sullivan – District 3)
  • Representative Mike Ouelett (Coos – District 3)
  • Representative John Lewicke (Hillsborough – District 36)
  • Representative Jodi Nelson (Rockingham – District 13)
  • Representative Bob Lynn (Rockingham – District 17)
  • Representative Michael Vose (Rockingham – District 5)
  • Representative Arnold Davis (Coos – District 2)
  • Representative Tony Piemonte (Rockingham – District 9)
  • Representative Tony Lekas (Hillsborough – District 38)
  • Representative Alicia Lekas (Hillsborough – District 38)
  • Representative Scott Wallace (Rockingham – District 8)
  • Representative Mark Pearson (Rockingham – District 34)
  • Representative JD Bernardy (Rockingham – District 36)
  • Representative Mike Belcher (Carroll – District 4)

The Flipping of Legislators:

Four New Hampshire legislators, namely Representatives Brian Cole, Lisa Smart, Debra DiSimone, and Harvey-Bolia, caught attention as they were identified by the Never Back Down super PAC as having switched their support from Trump to DeSantis. However, Harvey-Bolia clarified that she endorses both candidates, highlighting the promise she sees in DeSantis for the future while acknowledging Trump’s current appeal. Smart, on the other hand, remains steadfast in her support for Trump, reducing DeSantis’ total count to 50 state lawmakers. These differing positions within the endorsement list reflect the intricacies of the political landscape.

Osborne’s Strategic Perspective:

During a brief interview, Jason Osborne revealed his rationale for endorsing DeSantis. He emphasized the need to fill his chamber with Republicans in the upcoming cycle and believed that having DeSantis at the top of the ticket would enhance their chances of success. Osborne expressed concerns that Trump leading the ticket could have a negative impact on Republicans in his chamber, as demonstrated by recent elections. Although Osborne refrained from criticizing Trump, he compared the situation to listening to a favorite comedian repeatedly, eventually leading to exhaustion. He highlighted the Republican Party’s need for strong candidates and deemed DeSantis a clear winner.

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