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Committed to America Launches Super PAC in Support of Mike Pence’s Potential Presidential Bid

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Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 11:09 pm

In a recent news release, a new super PAC has emerged with the aim of encouraging former Vice President Mike Pence to run for president. Committed to America, the newly launched organization has set its sights on supporting Pence in his potential presidential campaign. Although Pence has made multiple trips to Iowa this year, he has yet to definitively announce his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination. However, the formation of this super PAC, led by a group of seasoned Republican operatives, signals a strong indication that Pence is preparing to challenge former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination. With strategic moves and campaign-style visits to key states like Iowa and New Hampshire, Pence’s intentions are becoming increasingly apparent.

Announcement of Co-Chairs and Executive Director:

Today, Committed to America officially launched, unveiling Jeb Hensarling and Scott Reed as national co-chairs, and Bobby Saparow as the executive director. Saparow expressed the super PAC’s commitment to go beyond a mere paid media effort. Drawing inspiration from their successful work with Governor Kemp, Committed to America plans to mobilize an unprecedented voter contact program, aiming to secure victory and pave the way for Mike Pence to become the next president of the United States. Mike Ricci, a seasoned communications strategist, joins the team, bringing his expertise from previous roles with Gov. Larry Hogan, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Speaker John Boehner.

Expansion Plans and Leadership:

Committed to America will initially establish offices in Dallas and Iowa, strategically positioning itself for effective outreach. Additional plans and hiring announcements are expected in the coming days, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to building a robust and capable team. Former Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, and Scott Reed, who successfully managed the 1996 presidential campaign for former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole, have taken on the roles of co-chairs for the Committed to America PAC. Their leadership and expertise will be instrumental in propelling Mike Pence’s conservative agenda forward.

Supporters Rally Behind Mike Pence:

Jeb Hensarling expressed his conviction that Mike Pence embodies the conservative leadership required in this critical time for the nation. He declared, “Mike can win, he is ready to lead, and I am proud to help lead the effort that will send him to the White House.” With enthusiastic supporters rallying behind Pence, the stage is set for an exciting and competitive presidential race within the Republican Party.

Upcoming Event and Pence’s Itinerary:

In related news, Larry Elder, a Republican candidate for president, announced his participation in Iowa U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst’s annual Roast and Ride fundraiser. The event, scheduled for June 3 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, will feature several presidential candidates, including Mike Pence. Pence’s return visits to both Iowa and New Hampshire in the next three weeks indicate his proactive engagement with key primary states, further reinforcing the growing anticipation surrounding his potential campaign.

Committed to America launches super PAC supporting Mike Pence’s potential presidential bid, gaining momentum with experienced leaders, a strong voter contact program, and dedicated supporters. Stay tuned for future updates and announcements from the organization.

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