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Kristen Welker Makes Historic Debut as ‘Meet the Press’ Moderator, Trump Interview Announced (Sep. 17)

Trump Interview Announced at Meet the Press

Last updated on November 15th, 2023 at 04:46 am

This Sunday will mark a historic moment on NBC’s “Meet the Press” as Kristen Welker steps into her role as the show’s new moderator. The significance of this milestone extends beyond Welker’s debut, as she becomes the first Black moderator of any Sunday morning public affairs program and only the second woman to host “Meet the Press.”

Trump is set to participate in ‘Meet the Press’

Former President Donald Trump is set to participate in this historic event, sitting down for an interview with NBC’s Kristen Welker. This interview marks Welker’s debut as the host of “Meet the Press” and is a noteworthy return for Trump to the program after a hiatus since 2019.

It also serves as the former president’s first legacy media interview following charges brought against him by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, as reported by CNN.

The interview, scheduled for Thursday in Bedminster, New Jersey, will be Trump’s first broadcast network appearance since leaving office. Welker’s ascension to the role of moderator has been met with a brief transition period during which she expressed her readiness and gratitude for the opportunity, thanking outgoing moderator Chuck Todd.

Chuck Todd, who had been a longtime critic of Trump, commented on passing the baton, saying, “The last nine years as moderator of the longest-running show on television has been the honor of my professional life.”

One significant aspect of Welker’s upcoming interview with Trump is that it will be pre-taped and fact-checked, according to Variety’s Brian Steinberg

This approach underscores NBC News’s commitment to ensuring the context of Trump’s statements. Following the interview, NBC will publish a fact-check on its website, offering viewers a comprehensive analysis of the discussion.

Fact-checking Trump has history to be a challenging task, as he often makes rapid and controversial claims according to NBC. Even seasoned broadcast journalists have found it difficult to confront him in real time.

In addition to Trump’s interview, NBC News has extended an invitation to President Joe Biden for a similar sit-down interview. While President Biden has received the invitation, a spokesperson for Trump has not yet responded to requests for comment.

As Kristen Welker takes the helm at “Meet the Press” and prepares for her momentous interview with Donald Trump, the eyes of the nation will be on this historic occasion, shaping the future of the Sunday morning public affairs program and its role in shaping political discourse.

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