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New Poll Tied: Public Perceptions of Biden and Trump Reflect Tight Race

Yahoo NewsYouGov poll Biden and Trump Reflect Tight Race

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 05:17 am

Recent data from the Yahoo News/YouGov poll suggests that if a hypothetical Election Day rematch were to occur between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, the competition would be neck and neck.

Poll: Biden and Trump Reflect Tight Race

According to the poll, “Both candidates would secure 44% of registered voters’ support if the election were held today.” This represents a significant decrease in support for Biden and a slight increase for Trump, despite his ongoing legal challenges. Furthermore, 7% of those polled remain undecided, while 4% have expressed their intention not to vote.

The poll also delved into voters’ perceptions of Biden’s fitness for office. A representative from YouGov stated, “Only 27% of voters believe Biden is fit to serve another term as president.” A significant 77% of respondents expressed concerns about his age. Additionally, the poll highlighted that 47% of Americans perceive Biden and his family as corrupt, a 2% increase from last month’s figure of 45%.

In comparison, public opinion on the Trump family’s integrity remains divided. “41% of respondents view the Trumps as more corrupt than the Bidens, while 38% believe the opposite,” the poll found. This is a shift from August’s data, where 46% viewed the Trumps as more corrupt compared to 36% for the Bidens.

The evolving perceptions come in the wake of House Republicans initiating an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The inquiry centers on allegations that a Ukrainian executive hired Hunter Biden to gain the support of his then-vice president father in suppressing a corruption investigation into his company. 

Additionally, Hunter Biden has been under scrutiny for separate tax and alleged gun violations since 2018, which has now escalated into a special counsel investigation.

Regarding overall performance, “Joe Biden’s approval rating is currently at 38%, with a majority of 56% disapproving,” as per the survey conducted from Sept. 14-18, which included 1,636 U.S. adults.

In a broader context, the RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump leading Biden by a slim margin of 0.5%, a figure that incorporates the YouGov/Yahoo News poll results.

Reflecting on historical data, the last time such tight competition was observed was in the 2016 election. Both Trump and then-candidate Hillary Clinton faced unfavorable perceptions from over 50% of Americans. 
Despite the polarized views on the two major parties, a consistent trend over the past two decades indicates that “55% of Americans believe there’s a need for a third major party,” underscoring a desire for more diverse political representation.

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