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Full Video: Trump Campaign Rally in the Iowa Cities of Ankeny and Cedar Rapids (Dec. 2)

Trump Campaign Rally at Ankeny and Cedar Rapids

Last updated on December 3rd, 2023 at 07:40 am

Trump Campaign Rally in the heart of Iowa today, former President Donald Trump is making significant moves as part of his 2024 campaign efforts. Trump’s presence in Cedar Rapids and Ankeny underscores the strategic importance of Iowa in the lead-up to the January 15 caucuses.

Cedar Rapids Rally: A Commitment to the Caucus

Trump’s main event, a “Commit to Caucus” rally, is set to take place at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids. Scheduled for 4:00 pm ET, this event is not just a typical rally; it’s a call to action for his supporters. As Trump’s campaign puts it, “Everybody will feel the love tomorrow, but the main focus will be Biden.” This statement, from a senior Trump campaign aide, highlights Trump’s strategy of looking beyond the primary to a potential general election battle.

Trump Cedar Rapids, Iowa Event Details:

Type: Trump Today Speech at Commit to Caucus event

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023
Time: 4:00 pm ET (3:00 pm CT)
Location: Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA
Live Stream: Watch Below

Full Videos: Trump Campaign Rally in the Iowa Cities of Ankeny and Cedar Rapids

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Ankeny Campaigning: Rallying the Volunteers

In addition to the Cedar Rapids event, Trump is also addressing campaign volunteers in nearby Ankeny. This move reflects his campaign’s efforts to mobilize grassroots support, a critical component in caucus states like Iowa.

Trump’s Dominance and Rivals’ Challenges

Trump’s activities in Iowa come at a time when he holds a commanding 24-point lead over his closest Republican rival, Ron DeSantis. Despite DeSantis completing his tour of all 99 counties in Iowa, a feat known as the “full Grassley,” Trump’s position remains strong. Governor Kim Reynolds, who initially indicated neutrality, has thrown her support behind DeSantis, yet Trump’s campaign remains unfazed. They’ve even launched a significant TV ad buy in Iowa, focusing on Biden and highlighting past praise from Reynolds.

DeSantis and Haley – The Uphill Battle

While Trump consolidates his lead, DeSantis and Nikki Haley face their own challenges. DeSantis, despite endorsements from influential figures like Reynolds and Bob Vander Plaats, is still trying to close the gap with Trump. Haley, currently in third place, is making strides but has no public events scheduled in Iowa this weekend.

Looking Ahead: Debates and Town Halls

As the campaign heats up, Trump is set to participate in a town hall event with Sean Hannity in Davenport, Iowa, while skipping the next GOP presidential debate. Instead, he plans to attend a fundraiser in Florida. This strategy indicates Trump’s confidence in his standing and his focus on broader campaign objectives.

Today’s events in Cedar Rapids and Ankeny are more than just rallies; they are pivotal moments in Trump’s campaign, showcasing his strength in Iowa and his focus on the bigger political battle ahead. With the caucuses just over a month away, Trump’s actions today could have a lasting impact on the 2024 presidential race.

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