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Record-Breaking: Trump Interview with Tucker Carlson Soars to Over 200 Million Views Amid GOP Debate

trump and tucker interview

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 11:51 pm

An exclusive interview between former President Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson has taken social media by storm. The interview, posted on X (formerly Twitter),

drew massive attention away from the GOP debates happening simultaneously. Despite the ongoing Republican debate in Milwaukee, it was evident that the real attraction of the evening was the unfiltered conversation between Trump and Carlson.

Trump’s Interview Video is expected to cross 200 million views:

The interview’s impact is underscored by impressive viewership statistics. Within a minute, it garnered three million impressions, followed by a staggering seventeen million in under ten minutes, and an astonishing 56 million views within twenty minutes. This surge continued as the interview clocked seventy-two million views in just 30 minutes. The interview rapidly engaged over 76 million viewers in one hour and is projected to cross the 200 million mark this week.

This remarkable achievement surpasses Carlson’s previous record-breaking episodes. Despite coinciding with the GOP debates, the interview has already reached 100+ million views within four hours.

Full Video- Watch Here

Pre-taped at Trump’s New Jersey club, the interview showcased Carlson’s interviewing skills. Trump’s confident and articulate remarks resonated with viewers, regardless of the debate backdrop.

The interview touched on various topics, including Trump’s indictment in Georgia and his 2025 presidency priorities. Carlson noted Trump’s resilience within the Republican primary despite legal challenges, a point Trump confirmed.

Trump addressed the events of January 6, disputing media portrayals. He claimed attendees considered it a positive day with unity and love prevailing.

A whistleblower revealed that Fox News banned mentioning the interview, reflecting potential internal tensions.

CNN analyst David Urban labeled the GOP debate a “shitshow,” regardless of Trump’s absence.

The interview’s popularity exploded online, overshadowing the first presidential debate of the year, humorously dubbed a “Vice Presidential Debate” by the Trump campaign.

This interview showcases digital media’s power to redirect attention from traditional platforms to unscripted conversations. As viewership grows and conversations continue, the interview’s impact on the political landscape is undeniable.

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