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Trump Opts Out of Upcoming GOP Primary Debate, Chooses Online Interview with Tucker Carlson

trump chooses tucker over first gop primary debate

Last updated on August 22nd, 2023 at 11:26 pm

In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump announced his decision to skip the first GOP Primary debate scheduled for Wednesday. Instead, he will engage in an online interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson

The move comes as Trump leads the 2024 GOP presidential primary polling by a significant margin.

Trump, addressing the issue on his Truth Social, stated, “Many people are asking whether or not I will be doing the DEBATES? ALL AMERICANS have been clamoring for a President of extremely High Intelligence. As everyone is aware, my Poll numbers, over a ‘wonderful’ field of Republican candidates, are extraordinary. In fact, I am leading the runner-up, whoever that may now be, by more than 50 Points.”

Trump Opts Out of First GOP Primary Debate:

The New York Times has confirmed this decision through sources familiar with the matter. Trump’s move appears to stem from concerns about the loyalty pledge required of primary candidates, signifying their commitment to support the eventual nominee. 

While expressing an inclination to participate in debates, he added, "They [the people] want a smart person. They want somebody who's going to be smart. So, we have to do the smart thing."

This decision has stirred further interest in the evolving dynamics between Trump and Fox News. Following his third indictment, reports emerged of Trump having a private dinner with top executives from the network, who urged him to join the candidates for the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate

Despite a generally cooperative relationship between Trump and Fox News, moments of disagreement and tension have also been observed.

In response to Trump’s planned interview with Tucker Carlson, questions have arisen regarding the interview’s nature and impact. 

A source close to Carlson mentioned his ongoing discussions with all candidates, indicating potential flexibility in arrangements. While plans for the interview are yet to be confirmed, a Trump campaign spokesperson stated, “We haven’t confirmed anything on our end.”

As the first GOP presidential debate approaches on August 23 in Milwaukee, Trump’s absence has the potential to reshape the debate landscape and the broader narrative within the Republican Party. 

Amidst the ongoing political battles and evolving strategies, the 2024 election cycle takes on the nature of a trilogy, with Trump’s actions holding significant implications for the “Revenge of the MAGA.”

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