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Trump Rallies Support in Florida as Polls Show Commanding Lead in GOP Primary

Trump lead in gop primary

Former President Donald Trump sidestepped the Republican debate stage in Miami, opting instead for a rally in Hialeah, Florida, that underscored his dominance in the primary polls. The event, which unfolded just a short drive from the debate, drew thousands of supporters, signaling Trump’s unwavering grip on the Republican base.

Polls Show Commanding Lead in GOP Primary

Trump, who has consistently led in the polls, showcased his confidence by addressing a packed crowd at a soccer stadium in Hialeah. “So, do you think we did the right thing by not participating?” he asked, to which the audience responded with a resounding cheer. This rally marked a return to the large-scale events that have been a hallmark of his political brand.

The latest Marquette Law School survey paints a clear picture of Trump’s lead in Gop, showing him with a 38% support rate among registered GOP voters in Wisconsin, doubling that of his closest rival, Ron DeSantis, who stands at 18%. This is a significant shift from earlier in the year when the two were nearly tied. Nikki Haley trails in third place with 11%.

Trump’s decision to forgo the debate didn’t go unnoticed. “We want Trump, the MAGA-dor to kill the goddamn bull,” declared actress Roseanne Barr, one of the speakers at the rally, encapsulating the fervor of Trump’s base.

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The former president didn’t miss the opportunity to critique his opponents and the debate itself, which he dismissed as a waste of time. His absence from the debate stage has been a point of contention among his rivals, who have suggested it shows a lack of courage. Trump addressed this criticism directly: “I’m standing in front of tens and thousands of people right now, and it’s on television. That’s a hell of a lot harder to do than a debate.”

Trump’s rally also served as a platform to attack the Biden administration, drawing parallels to “Communist Cuba” and accusing the President of persecuting Catholics. These remarks were particularly poignant in Hialeah, a city with a significant Hispanic population and a history of anti-communist sentiment.

As the primary season heats up, Trump’s strategy appears clear: leverage his lead in GOP to avoid direct confrontations while solidifying his support through rallies that energize his base. With the Wisconsin primary still months away, the political landscape may yet shift, but for now, Trump’s position seems as formidable as ever.

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