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Biden’s Failure to Deliver: Why He Doesn’t Deserve Another Term


Last updated on May 17th, 2023 at 12:59 am

On April 25th, Joe Biden announced that he will run for reelection as President in the 2024 election. His announcement was made with a video that included footage of the January 6th, 2021 riots, which highlights the importance of unity and the need for a leader who can bring the country together. The announcement also sets the stage for a highly anticipated election, as it will likely be a rematch between Biden and Donald Trump. This election will be historic, as it will determine whether the country will continue on the path set by the Biden administration or revert to the policies of the Trump era.

“Let’s finish this job,” Biden told Americans in his announcement. This means that he intends to build on the progress made during his first term and continue to address the many challenges facing the country, including the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, climate change, and racial injustice.

The question is that is he deserves the second term. Regrettably, to Joe Biden, accomplishing the task involves severely damaging the traditional conservative principles of America’s constitutional legacy, which is unfavorable for the country. If the Biden administration continues for another four years, it could result in turmoil, overseas conflicts, unguarded borders, and the potential decline of the U.S. currency, leading to the country’s potential collapse. There are several polls conducted each day and according to the Washington Post/ABC poll, most Americans think that he doesn’t deserve and is capable to run America again.

Although there are numerous grounds for why Joe Biden should refrain from running for a second term, here are some compelling arguments against a potential two-term Biden presidency.

The Economy

The economic conditions facing the Biden administration are complex with concerns about potential future challenges. some experts in the private sector who previously predicted a recession in 2022 still believe that a downturn is likely to occur in the upcoming time.  

Inflation: Inflation has reached unprecedented levels during Biden’s tenure, with a peak of 9.1 percent in June 2022.

Gas prices: According to a report by the Senate Republican Policy Committee in 2022, gas prices in the United States have increased by over 100 percent since Biden assumed office, causing widespread hardship for American drivers.

Supply chain issues: During Trump’s administration, it was uncommon to see stores with empty shelves. However, labor shortages and high employee turnover rates in 2023 have led to persistent supply chain problems, especially in warehouses.


Regarding energy, the previous administration under Trump achieved energy independence for America, which resolved the problem of the country’s dependence on foreign oil producers that had harmed the economy and caused high energy prices. However, the current administration under Biden decided in 2021 to halt the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have boosted American energy production and independence. This has become a concern for some who fear a return to energy dependence.

According to Fox Business, the rise in costs has resulted in a loss of $7,400 for American families, leading to a devaluation of their income. Additionally, due to soaring housing prices, the average young adult is finding it increasingly difficult to afford a mortgage in the current economy, which is being characterized as inflationary under President Biden’s administration. Furthermore, President Biden’s proposal for a tax hike of $4.7 trillion, his biggest one yet, is expected to significantly impact small businesses and hard-working Americans.

The Second Amendment on the Chopping Block: Biden’s Aggressive Gun Control Agenda

Last year, Biden stated that the Second Amendment is not without limitations. The current administration’s disregard for Second Amendment rights has been evident. This stance is seen by some Americans as an unacceptable infringement on their right to possess firearms. It is anticipated that the government will introduce a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. In March, Biden conveyed to California residents that significant action must be taken to enforce a ban on weapons that fall under the category of assault weapons and high-capacity magazine regulations. Under Biden’s leadership, this federal intervention is expected to increase, causing further escalation. One of Biden’s proposals is to remove the immunity that gun manufacturers currently have from liability. This proposal is viewed by some as an attack on Second Amendment rights and could significantly impact the production of firearms in the United States if implemented.

The War for Identity: The Culture Wars in Perspective

The issue of transgender rights is expected to persist under President Biden’s administration. Transgender athletes may continue to participate in sports teams designated for the opposite gender, as a proposed rule change to Title IX would make it harder for schools to ban them. Additionally, there are concerns about the safety of minors as the Biden administration supports gender-affirming care, which can involve administering puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries on children. Biden himself has expressed the belief that withholding such treatments from minors is morally wrong.

Biden and Federal Spending

The spending situation is escalating Since Biden took office, vast amounts of fiat currency have been printed to fund the Democrats’ expenditure patterns. One instance of this is the 2021 infrastructure bill, which allocated billions towards nationwide projects such as “high-speed internet” and “climate change.” Additionally, Ukraine has been the recipient of $200 billion in aid from Biden and his allies, while the US monetary system has been showing signs of instability.

Failure of Immigration Policies

The Migrant Protection Protocols also referred to as the “Remain-in-Mexico” program, were initiated during the Trump administration to mandate that undocumented immigrants caught attempting to enter the country illegally be returned to or stay in Mexico while their immigration status was being processed. President Biden has taken steps to bring an end to this policy, which has sparked legal conflicts. The Supreme Court has provided direction on this matter, but debates persist. The aim is to prevent the migrants from wandering unrestricted in cities and towns across the country.

Russia-Ukraine War

During Trump’s presidency, global conflicts were relatively low. However, since Biden took office, Eastern Europe has witnessed a surge of violent warfare, which was previously unimaginable. Unfortunately, the situation does not seem to be improving.

Russia-Ukraine War

Chinese-Russian Nexus

During an escalating conflict in Ukraine, it seems that two oppressive global powers are collaborating. In April, Trump expressed concern that the United States’ trajectory could lead to involvement in a third world war, citing a lack of ammunition. 

“The way the U.S. is going, we will soon be in World War lll, with NO AMMUNITION!”

Iran Nuclear Deal

Although the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran to Israel, the Middle East, the United States, and the entire world is alarming, the Biden administration is persisting in its pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. As per a report by Fox News, the White House is contemplating a provisional agreement that grants Tehran certain economic sanctions relief in return for a halt in some aspects of its alleged atomic weapons program. However, this potential deal, akin to the original Iran deal, is unlikely to deter Iran from clandestinely advancing its nuclear program and will also provide the country with more resources, thus decreasing global security.

iran nuclear deal

Dollar’s Downfall

A significant blow to the dominance of the United States has occurred as several prominent nations including Brazil, China, and Russia have decided to cease trading in U.S. currency. This shift is gradually pushing the world towards a potential global digital currency such as BRICS, which could potentially challenge American authority and control.

Verge of World War III

There is concern that Biden’s perceived lack of strong leadership on the global stage could potentially lead to a catastrophic World War III. President Trump has commented on this alarming possibility in light of several countries openly discussing their nuclear weapon capabilities.

“Our economy is crashing. Inflation is out of control. Russia has joined with China. Can you believe that? Saudi Arabia has joined with Iran.” 

Trump has pointed out that the economy is in decline, inflation is increasing, and Russia has aligned itself with China, while Saudi Arabia has joined forces with Iran. He further warned that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea have formed a menacing and destructive coalition. This information was reported by Business Today.

Evidence of Health Decline

Biden’s cognitive abilities have noticeably declined since he took office. He has been observed wandering on stage and needing guidance from multiple aides during photo ops, indicating that he may not have the ability to govern independently. Marc Siegel wrote an op-ed for The Hill last year, where he pointed out that individuals over the age of 75 have cognitive impairment at a rate of at least 15%. He also identified several risk factors that the President possesses, which could potentially increase his chances of experiencing cognitive issues. In November 2022, following Biden’s physical examination, the doctor’s report revealed a noteworthy decline in the President’s gait, which could be related to degenerative diseases in the brain or spinal cord. Despite these findings, the report ultimately concluded that Biden was fit to competently perform his presidential duties.

Border Crisis

The number of illegal border crossings has significantly increased, with 4,365,117 migrants crossing over the southern border during Biden’s first two years in office. According to President Trump’s statement to RSBN’s Brian Glenn, he estimated that up to 15 million people may have entered the country illegally since Biden assumed office.

border crisis

The absence of a secure border has undoubtedly made it easier for criminal activities to be carried out by cartels, resulting in atrocities against humanity. In February, Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, urged Joe Biden to classify Mexican cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) due to the genuine risk of their violence against Americans and minority communities.

According to Fox News, the number of arrests of individuals on the terror watchlist at the border has increased significantly, as has the overall number of border encounters and the number of known “gotaways.” “Gotaways” refers to individuals who have successfully evaded Border Patrol agents due to their overwhelming numbers and have only been detected through other means of surveillance, excluding those who were not spotted at all. These trends have been observed during the Biden administration.

Crime and Chaos in Democratic Strongholds

The incidence of crime has increased significantly under the leadership of President Biden, particularly in cities and counties governed by Democrats. A cursory glance at the streets of places like Chicago or San Francisco is enough to reveal the negative consequences of Democratic policies. Sadly, America is no longer as secure and tidy as it used to be.

The open border has facilitated one of the most heinous crimes, which is human trafficking. In April, a distressing incident came to light where an eight-year-old migrant girl’s lifeless body was discovered at the border. The autopsy revealed that she had been repeatedly assaulted as there were 67 traces of DNA found inside her. Kari Lake was responsible for bringing this incident to public attention. According to Newsweek, over half of the migrants crossing the border have been subjected to sexual assault, torture, or extortion.

WaPo/ABC News Poll: 68% Say Biden is Unfit to Serve

A new survey by Washington Post/ABC News indicates that only one-third of Americans believe that President Biden is “physically capable” and has the “mental sharpness” required to serve as Commander in Chief. Biden’s approval rating has hit an all-time historic low of 36%, and he may face difficulties if he decides to seek re-election to the White House. Both former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have the potential to defeat President Biden if the election were held today. 

According to a hypothetical general election matchup in 2024, Biden is lagging behind Trump with 44% of voting-age respondents indicating they would definitely or probably vote for Trump, compared to 38% for Biden, while 18% remain undecided. 

In addition, Biden is also trailing behind another GOP 2024 primary frontrunner, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is expected to announce his presidential candidacy soon. Of the voting-age respondents, 42% said they would definitely or probably vote for DeSantis, while 37% would vote for Biden, with 21% remaining undecided. 

There are doubts about whether the octogenarian Biden is capable of delivering what America wants, which has led to numerous questions in people’s minds. President Donald Trump is viewed more favorably, particularly regarding his physical and mental fitness to serve as president. A majority of Americans, 64% and 54% respectively, believe that Trump is in good enough physical and mental health to perform the duties of the presidency.

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