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Ron DeSantis Receives Huge Endorsement from Iowa State Lawmakers


Last updated on May 31st, 2023 at 02:47 am

Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, is reportedly receiving a massive show of support from Iowa state lawmakers, with 37 endorsements from Republican legislators in the state’s house and senate. The endorsements come from a diverse range of Iowa’s political leaders, including Senate President Amy Sinclair and House Majority Leader Matt Windschitl.

Never Back Down Super PAC Announces the Endorsements

These endorsements are coming from a pro-DeSantis super PAC, “Never Back Down,” ahead of the governor’s trip to Iowa this weekend. The total haul represents more than one-third of the Iowa Republican legislative caucus and far outpaces the amount of support received by any of the Republican candidates who ran in the 2016 GOP primary. Notably, the endorsements are not just from rank-and-file politicians but also include more than a half-dozen party leaders.

Endorsements Show Strong Support for DeSantis

Despite not having declared his candidacy for the presidency, the Iowa support provides a significant boost to DeSantis as he prepares for a possible run in 2024. It also contradicts the prevailing media narrative that DeSantis’s campaign is flailing. The endorsements are set to be rolled out by Never Back Down on Friday, a super PAC established to support a potential DeSantis presidential candidacy.

List of DeSantis endorsements below, via the pro-DeSantis PAC Never Back Down:

  • Senate President Amy Sinclair (SD-12)
  • Senate Majority Whip Waylon Brown (SD-30)
  • Senator Scott Webster (SD-47)
  • Senator Jesse Green (SD-24)
  • Senator Adrian Dickey (SD-41)
  • Senator Mark Costello (SD-8)
  • Senator Ken Rozenboom (SD-19)
  • Senator Dennis Guth (SD-28)
  • Senator Dan Zumbach (SD-34)
  • Senator Tom Shipley (SD-9)
  • Senator David Rowley (SD-5)
  • Senator Mike Klimesh (SD-32)
  • House Majority Leader Matt W. Windschitl (HD-15)
  • House Speaker Pro Tempore John H. Wills (HD-10)
  • House Majority Whip Henry Stone (HD-7)
  • House Assistant Majority Leader Jon Dunwell (HD-38)
  • House Representative Dave Deyoe (HD-51)
  • House Representative Dean Fisher (HD-53)
  • House Representative Brian Best (HD-11)
  • House Representative Steven Holt (HD-12)
  • House Representative Tom Moore (HD-18)
  • House Representative Norlin Mommsen (HD-70)
  • House Representative Skyler Wheeler (HD-4)
  • House Representative Ann Meyer (HD-8)
  • Assistant House Majority Leader, Fmr. Speaker Brent Siegrist (HD-19)
  • House Representative David Sieck (HD-16)
  • House Representative Phil Thompson (HD-48)
  • House Representative Carter Nordman (HD-47)
  • House Representative Bob Henderson (HD-2)
  • House Representative Ken Carlson (HD-13)
  • House Representative Ms. Devon Wood (HD-17)
  • House Representative Bill Gustoff (HD-40)
  • House Representative Dan Gehlbach (HD-46)
  • House Representative Tom Determann (HD-69)
  • House Representative Mike Vondran (HD-94)
  • House Representative Taylor Collins (HD-95)
  • House Representative Hans Wilz (HD-25)

Endorsements are highly sought after in Iowa, where the strength of a candidate’s organization can play a significant role in their success in the state’s caucus. As one of the earliest states to hold primary elections, Iowa often plays a critical role in shaping the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Comparison with 2016 GOP Primary Endorsements

It is worth noting, however, that endorsements do not necessarily translate into victories, and a victory in Iowa does not necessarily translate into being nominated. In 2016, for instance, Senator Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus, and Trump claimed the election was stolen and demanded a revote or nullification of the results.


Regardless of how it turns out this year, the massive show of support from Iowa is a good sign for DeSantis, who has been spending the last few weeks reaching out to Iowa Republicans, according to a person familiar with the calls. The governor did not explicitly ask for their support during those conversations, which were instead focused on legislative matters taking place in Florida and Iowa.

DeSantis’s visit to Iowa on Saturday, where he will appear at a picnic hosted by Iowa GOP Rep. Randy Feenstra, is expected to solidify the support he has received from Iowa’s Republican legislators. And with President Trump also visiting Iowa to hold a rally on the same day, it seems that the Hawkeye State will be a crucial battleground for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

Good is the fourth House Republican to endorse DeSantis despite the Florida governor having not yet declared his candidacy. These endorsements come from a pro-DeSantis super PAC and are a good sign for the governor as he prepares for a possible run in 2024.

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