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Trump Endorsements: A List of 2 Governors, 10 Senators, and 51 House Members

Trump endorsements

Last updated on November 30th, 2023 at 06:12 am

Former President Donald Trump has announced his intention to run for President again in November, and although he is currently leading the pack in terms of endorsements, not all Republicans are supporting him. Many elected Republicans are choosing to wait and see who else enters the race or believe it’s too early to make a decision. Some are even considering or have already launched their presidential bids, such as Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, and Vivek Ramaswamy.

While Trump maintained a strong hold on the Republican party during his presidency, even after the events of January 6, 2021, he still can influence Republican primary voters and exact retribution upon his intraparty foes. However, after a disappointing midterms performance for the party, where they only made modest gains in the House and Democrats retained control of the Senate, some believe that Trump’s power may be waning.

Trump is attempting to emulate Grover Cleveland, the only president to lose and then regain the White House four years later. While they share some similarities, such as marrying younger women, the two presidents differ in many ways, including their campaign styles and electoral successes. Cleveland won the popular vote three times and campaigned minimally, while Trump lost the popular vote twice and campaigned vigorously. The former president has rejected his loss in the 2020 election, while Cleveland accepted defeat graciously and held an umbrella over his opponent’s head at the inauguration.

Regardless, many of Trump's allies and longtime supporters are sticking by his side. It remains to be seen whether Trump will be able to secure the Republican nomination and win back the White House in 2024.

As the election approaches, the number of endorsements for former President Trump is increasing, which is causing problems for his competitors like DeSantis and others. DeSantis is already under criticism for his association with the Disney company, and he recently faced criticism from two women who interrupted him to express their dissatisfaction with him. These issues are posing significant challenges for DeSantis, who is a strong competitor among Republicans and a potential challenger to Trump.

Trump is capitalizing on DeSantis’ problems, and he is not the only politician criticizing DeSantis, which could be detrimental to his election campaign. Several companies conduct polls each day, and these polls show that many people and politicians prefer Trump as the next president. Trump’s chances are improving in the DeSantis vs. Trump poll.

As of Sunday, April 23, ten senators and over 51 House members have announced their support for former President Donald Trump's potential 2024 presidential bid, despite facing criminal charges in New York. Even so, only two governors have endorsed him so far.


Jim Justice: In April, the West Virginia governor, who was originally elected as a Democrat, expressed his support for Trump on Twitter while he was facing an indictment in Manhattan.

jim justice

Henry McMaster: South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster was announced as a member of Trump’s campaign leadership team at an event held in Columbia on January 28. During the event, McMaster declared that the country will experience “a burst of freedom and prosperity unlike any we have ever seen before” if Trump is re-elected.

Ten Senators

Marsha Blackburn: U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee has announced her endorsement of Donald Trump for President, making her the latest sitting Senator to back the former President over major Republican candidates like Gov. Ron DeSantis who have already launched their campaigns.

Blackburn previously served in the U.S. House with DeSantis when he was a Congressman, but cited Trump’s economic record as the reason for her decision to endorse him. In a post on social media, Tennessee’s senior Senator praised Trump for his leadership in creating a booming economy, keeping gas prices low, controlling inflation, securing the border, and strengthening the military.

“I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for President and can’t wait until he’s back in the White House.”

Mike Braun: In April, the Indiana Senator, currently running for governor, expressed his support for Trump on Fox News. He stated that he supports Trump because he is the candidate who can “portray what was working so well” before the pandemic.

Ted Budd: According to a report from WRAL, U.S. Senator Ted Budd of North Carolina endorsed former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race on Thursday. In a press release announcing his endorsement,

ted budd

Budd said, “Under President Trump, our economy experienced record-setting growth, families were finally able to get ahead, neighborhoods were safer, and we achieved peace across the globe. We were respected by our allies and feared by our enemies.”

Lindsey Graham: Over the years, the long-serving South Carolina senator has developed a close relationship with Trump and has become one of his leading allies in Congress. In January, Graham told Fox News, “I know the downside of Trump, but let me tell you about the upside of Trump: there are no Trump policies without Trump,” as he highlighted Trump’s accomplishments.

Bill Hagerty: Bill said "It is my honor to give my whole-hearted endorsement to Donald J. Trump to be the next President of the United States. I was honored to previously serve in his Administration."

Cindy Hyde-Smith: In April, the newly elected senator from Mississippi announced her endorsement of Trump, citing his attentiveness to the needs of her state during his presidency.

Markwayne Mullin: In February, the Oklahoma freshman announced on Truth Social that he was endorsing former President Donald J. Trump for a second term in 2024, stating that he was proud to support the “strongest president of my lifetime.”

Eric Schmitt: In January, the newly elected senator told Politico that he is endorsing the former president for the 2024 presidential race. It is worth noting that the former president also endorsed this senator, Schmitt, during the GOP primary in Missouri last year.

Tommy Tuberville: Just days after Trump launched his 2024 presidential bid, the Alabama senator endorsed him in a tweet, becoming the first Republican senator to do so. Tuberville, who was a former head football coach at Auburn University, emphasized in an interview with Insider that Trump’s experience in a leadership role was particularly important to him.

JD Vance: The author of the bestselling book “Hillbilly Elegy” and freshman senator who received Trump’s endorsement during last year’s Ohio GOP primary, declared his support for the former president in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on January 31. In the op-ed, Vance praised Trump’s foreign policy record while announcing his endorsement.

jd vance endorsements to trump

List of 51 House Member’s Endorsements for Trump

The list of 51 House members who endorse Donald Trump is as follows:

  • Brain Babin
  • Jim Banks
  • Gus Billirakis
  • Andy Biggs
  • Mike Bost
  • Lauren Boebert
  • John Carter
  • Mike Carey
  • Michael Burgess
  • Vern Buchanan
  • Pat Fallon
  • Russel Fry
  • Byron Donalds
  • Eli Crane
  • Chuck Fleischmann
  • Paul Gosar
  • Carlos Gimenez
  • Lance Gooden
  • Matt Gaetz
  • Mark Green
  • Tony Gonzales
  • Diana Harshbarger
  • Clay Higgins
  • Harriet Hageman
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Wesley Hunt
  • Jim Jordan
  • Ronny Jackson
  • Richard Hudson
  • Anna Polina Luana
  • Brian Mast
  • John Rutherford
  • Alex Mooney
  • Cory Mills
  • Max Miller
  • John Rose
  • Mary Miller
  • Barry Moore
  • George Santos
  • Troy Nehls
  • Dale Strong
  • Elise Stefanik
  • Pete Sessions
  • Greg Steube
  • William Timmons
  • Randy Weber
  • Mike Waltz
  • Jeff Van Drew
  • Beth Van Duyne
  • Roger Williams
  • Eastern Iowa Endorsements

Donald J. Trump has unveiled his Eastern Iowa Leadership Team, which includes prominent Republican leaders from the region known for their conservative and influential views. Iowa has undergone a significant political shift since Former President Trump’s historic 2016 election, evolving from a swing state to a steadfast supporter of the MAGA Movement. The America First policies promoted by President Trump still resonate with the people of Eastern Iowa, and they are poised to help him secure a resounding victory in the First-in-the-Nation Caucuses.

The list consists:

  • The Honorable Matt Whitaker: Former Acting Attorney General of the United States
  • The Honorable Rod Blum: Former U.S. Representative from Iowa’s 1st Congressional District
  • Senator Jeff Reichman: State Senator for Iowa’s 50th Senate District
  • Senator Charlie McClintock: State Senator for Iowa’s 42nd Senate District
  • Representative Bobby Kaufmann: State Representative for Iowa’s 82nd House District
  • Representative Craig Johnson: State Representative for Iowa’s 67th House District
  • Representative Anne Osmundson: State Representative for Iowa’s 64th House District
  • Representative Mark Cisneros: State Representative for Iowa’s 96th House District
  • Representative Steve Bradley: State Representative for Iowa’s 66th House District
  • Representative Derek Wulf: State Representative for Iowa’s 76th House District
  • Representative Heather Hora: State Representative for Iowa’s 92nd House District
  • Representative Brad Sherman: State Representative for Iowa’s 91st House District
  • Representative Cindy Golding: State Representative for Iowa’s 83rd House District

As the 2024 election looms at its peak, it has become a highly anticipated event in the history of the United States. The contest is brimming with potential candidates, some of whom have already declared their candidacy while others are expected to do so. These candidates are prepared to challenge the incumbent, President Biden, and demonstrate their suitability for the 2024 election. In the current polls, Trump is leading among his challengers, and many people desire to see him elected as the President to lead America once again. Trump’s endorsement will play a crucial role in his 2024 election campaign, and a constant increase in his supporters may help him achieve his goals for the 2024 agenda. Therefore, we wish our President, Donald Trump, all the best in his future endeavors.

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