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Trump vs Biden – The Sequel to a Historic Election

trump vs biden

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 at 10:05 am

There’s a common feeling among movie-goers that sequels often pale in comparison to their predecessors, leaving us yearning for the original. But there’s a new sequel in town that just might defy that expectation and blow us all away! Get ready for an epic showdown as the history of America unfolds before our eyes. Will Joe Biden get a second chance to lead the country, or will the American people rally behind their beloved leader, Donald Trump? It’s a thrilling saga that’s sure to leave us on the edge of our seats. 

The 2024 presidential campaign is in its nascent stages, but the signs are already pointing towards a familiar and uninspiring repeat of the 2020 contest between Biden and Trump. The next US presidential election is likely to be a rerun of the 2020 contest, with Joe Biden confirmed as the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Biden’s campaign is framing the election as a choice between moderate and extreme, competent and crazy, and his slogan is “Let’s finish the job”. Despite facing legal troubles, Trump’s public appeal has remained resilient, and his popularity among his supporters has remained unscathed. The Democrats enjoyed better-than-expected results in those Congressional elections, partly due to a major voter backlash against the overturning of the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy. However, Biden’s approval ratings remain historically low, and he remains vulnerable to attacks on issues such as inflation and migration. Our article provides insight into the competition between political opponents Donald Trump vs Joe Biden, as well as an overview of the comparisons between these two rivals.

What Polls Says-

According to recent polls, a majority of Americans approximately 70 percent are against President Joe Biden seeking re-election which is comparatively higher than Trump. While only 42 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance as president. In 2016, Trump became the oldest person to win the presidency, and he will be 77 years old next year but age is not a barrier for him as America need an outspoken and energetic President like Trump. In 2020, Biden defeated Trump and broke his record as the oldest person to win the presidency, as he is now 80 years old. However, despite their advanced age and the lack of support from the majority of Americans, there is a possibility that this epic battle will go far beyond its limits.

Even so, facing numerous critics, rivals, legal issues, and enemies, Donald Trump’s aggressive and popular political style continues to motivate millions of supporters. In the current Republican Party, no other candidate has been able to match Trump’s level of support. According to a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult, if a primary or caucus were held today, 60% of potential Republican voters would choose Trump.

Approval Rating

Biden’s approval ratings have declined among several groups. Among Black people, who form a crucial part of the Democratic party, his approval rating has fallen from 82% at the start of his term to only 52%. Furthermore, a significant portion of Black people, 27%, are considering voting for Trump in the 2024 election. This is a noteworthy increase from the 12% of Black voters who supported Trump in the 2020 election.

Biden’s approval ratings are also low among Hispanic and white people. His approval rating among Hispanic people is currently at 40%, which is a point lower than his previous low. Similarly, his approval rating among white people is at a matching low of 32%. If there were a contest between Biden and Trump, 43% of Hispanic people say they would definitely or probably support Trump or lean in that direction. In the last election, Trump won 32% of Hispanic voters.

Trump vs Biden Fridge Quiz 

The New York Times appeared to be quite bored when it published a new quiz that posed a simple question:

Could you differentiate between a picture of a Trump supporter’s fridge and that of a Biden supporter’s fridge?


The quiz featured photos of the interiors of fridges owned by individuals who had revealed whether they were voting for President Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Readers were allowed to guess whether the owner was a Biden or Trump supporter based on the photos. Hundreds of photos were submitted, and while it is a past event, the quiz can still be accessed online. There is no information regarding whether the quiz will be held again in the future, but if it is, it will be exciting to see whom Americans favor between Biden and Trump.

Trump vs Biden Comparison Chart

Here is an objective analysis of the policy and political stances of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who are running as the respective Democratic and Republican candidates for the 2024 United States presidential election.

  Donald Trump      Joe Biden
Political PartyRepublicansDemocratic
Date of birth14 June 1946 (Age 76 Years)20 November 1942 (Age 80 Years)
CareerReal Estate Developer, Businessman, Media (Reality TV), President (2017-2020)Senator (1973-2009), US Vice President (2009-2017), President Since 2021
Infrastructure$2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan$1.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
TaxesTrump’s budget assumed extending Tax cuts costing $1.5 trillion.Biden limits Tax hikes to income above $400,000 pledge upheld. 
HealthcareTrump’s 2021 budget proposed deep healthcare cuts and failed drug price promises.Biden promises to protect Affordable Care Act (ACA), add a public option, and expand Medicare.
TradeTrump prioritized the Trade war with China, aimed to put America first, and penalized countries with a high trade deficit.
Biden’s Foreign Affairs article outlines plans to boost the US Economy through domestic innovation and middle-class investments.
Jobs and WagesDespite the creation of 6.6 million jobs in Trump’s first three years, it was not remarkable considering the initial economy. Immigration policies became stricter but with limited changes.
Biden’s infrastructure plan aims to create middle-class jobs through renewable energy, anchor institutions, and climate resiliency industries, with increased funding.
Climate ChangeTrump denies climate change, favors fossil fuels, rolled back environmental rules, and withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, with limited ocean cleanup goals.
Biden’s plan includes climate change provisions in infrastructure and trade, but critics find it insufficient, costing $2 trillion funded by tax cuts reversal and fossil fuel subsidy ends.

In the race of the 2024 presidential election between Trump vs Biden, the Republican nominee is expected to attack Biden’s age, while Biden’s campaign strategy relies on the possibility of a Trump return to the White House to mobilize their supporters. Although there may be surprises along the way, such as the timing of a possible economic recession, the election is still 18 months away, and one thing is certain: the race will be an extraordinarily ugly one. Despite his critics and legal problems, Donald Trump’s populist approach continues to inspire millions of supporters, and no other current Republican politician can match his appeal.

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